i like you, but i love bozeman, mt

I bought a shirt a couple of days ago that reads: “i like you, but i love bozeman” and I think it sums it up our last week perfectly. We LOVE Bozeman, Montana.

We planned to take this vacation for Christmas last year, but Adam was in the hospital with RSV so we had to reschedule. There is something just so…what’s the word I’m looking for here? …. American, about spending the 4th of July out West in a place like Montana.

We went to the 93rd Annual Livingston Montana Roundup Rodeo…we saw grizzly bears and bison…the kids went to a chicken farm to watch them lay eggs…we went fly fishing and white water rafting, but most importantly we had some great family quality time at the ranch.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to Bozeman, Montana. We can’t wait to go back.

It took 3 people behind the scenes to make this happen
Livingston Roundup
Livingston Roundup Rodeo
Montana Morning
Uncle Bill is a fan favorite
Cowgirl Eden (with a weird boot position)
front porch
We spent A LOT of time front porch rockin
3 little cowpokes
Montana cousins on the 4th of July
Front view from ranch
Off to the rodeo
IMG_5272 (1)
When you take on a rapid named “Sweet baby Jesus take me home” and your husband laughs in its face
Home on the range
guys 2
Mountain Men

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