Goodbye Summer.

The title alone is a little depressing. We spent our Labor Day weekend on the water one final time before the cooler air sweeps in and we fall right into fall.

I have to admit, as every basic woman in America would agree, I do love fall. But the end of summer is the most bittersweet of all the seasons.

This summer we spent countless hours in the sun and in the water. At the beach, the lake, and the swimming pool. Thanks to the kids’ ongoing swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, I wasn’t nervous at all this season!

Luke has become quite the fish in the water, and while Eden is a little behind his skill set she is gaining confidence with each passing weekly class. The most amazing thing about Goldfish is the instructors’ love for the students and their attention to detail. They smile and welcome my kids in the water every week and they remember what they are struggling with and help them overcome obstacles. After several months of swim lessons, it’s still something both of my children look forward to week after week.

We fully intend on keeping the kids going in swim lessons, so they don’t lose any of their skill set.

What about your little swimmers? Will they end their lessons as we fall into fall, or will you keep them going?

boatpool .jpg


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