I’d be lost without you.

Today we celebrate you, on your 5th birthday. You are such a beautifully complex individual, it’s hard for me to even find a place to start.

You love Star Wars, especially the stormtroppers. You think it’s the coolest thing that you share a name with one of the main characters too. You still have a love for cars, trucks, and SPORTS. Luke you live for sports, and you honestly can’t pick a favorite. Golf, baseball and hockey are at the top of your list but you admit that you love them all. You also are proud to be an Alabama fan, after all you were born in Birmingham. You love games. Board games, card games, memory games everything to you is a competition and in typical first child fashion you MUST win. Your dad, especially is working on that with you.

You have a mathematical mind which is challenging for me to understand. Everything to you has some sort of number, where I have always learned by words. When learning the days of the week you were so frustrated because you couldn’t remember the order, however when we wrote it out with numbers you remembered the days right away. You love time and have asked for a new watch for your birthday. You like school, but recently told me you are bored there and are ready for a new challenge. You are so excited for Kindergarten, and I’m excited for you.

You are thoughtful beyond your years. You have an ability to sense people’s feelings and frustrations. When you can tell I’m about to lose my cool you put your hand on my shoulder and tell me to take a deep breath and say a prayer. “Ask God what to do, mommy.” Who does that??? You do, Luke.

You are a God fearing child, Luke. You love the Lord and teach your siblings about Jesus’s love. I can’t type into words how much that makes my heart explode.

You put other people first, especially your sister. When she is upset, you play her favorite song on your iPad, or go get her a glass of water and her blanket. It hurts you to see other people hurting…I just pray that sensitivity never fades.

You are funny. Oh. My. Gosh. you are funny Luke. You are quite possibly the funniest person I have ever known, and it’s not even a silly funny. You have wit and can nail a punch line unlike anyone I know. You have a belly laugh, a raspy voice and only one octave: LOUD.

You have a memory on you that is unmatched. You can still remember room numbers from hotels we’ve stayed in when you were 2 and 3 years old. You also told me the other day what I was wearing on my last birthday, and a quick scroll through Instagram proved you were right. I’m not sure how long your sharp memory will last, but for now I have to watch everything I say and do because you will NOT forget.

You are kind. Your teachers tell me all the little ladies in your class adore you, sure you are cute, but it’s because you are so kind to them. You help them on the playground and let them go first down the slides. I’m not super familiar with 5 year old boys, but it sounds somewhat unique and cool to me that you are that way.

I would truly be lost without you. You help me calm down. You help me see the brighter, funnier and more challenging things in life through a different light. You are my #1 helper in everything we do as a family.

I recently sat down and did those cheesy questions with you that’s swirling around Facebook feeds. You know, asking my 5 year old how old I am and what my favorite drink is. I then asked you if you could live without me. You paused for a second, started to tear up and said “no mommy, I could never live without you…I’d be lost.”

The truth is, Luke, I am the one who would be lost without you.

Happy 5th Birthday, Luke.






Your favorite place: the golf course


Funny, thoughtful and kind at 5 years old.