Hey Mama, Go Treat Yo-self

I recently decided to make a list of ways I de-stress and pamper myself. Sure, I’d love a spa day just like the next person…but that’s just not always a reality. I pulled out a sheet of paper and I wrote at the top: WAYS I TREAT MYSELF and then I set my pen down and walked away.

Truth be told, I don’t really treat myself often. I should. We all should! But the reality is a huge amount of us actually don’t, because we don’t have the time or bandwidth after a long day of work, laundry, cooking and butt wiping. When I’m finished with the day, I kind of want to curl up in a ball or stare at the wall. I kid. But not really. Anyway…

I refuse to make excuses anymore! Here are 7 ways to treat yo-self at home fo FREE!

  1. Take a bath. This is a given and the easiest way I treat myself. Often times I have an audience of three and a husband who wants to sit down and chat *eye-roll*. But sometimes I simply lock them out and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.
  2. Go for a walk. We go on walks daily, sometimes twice a day. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also great to get some fresh air and get the kids out of the house.
  3. Listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. Admittedly, I don’t get an opportunity to watch very much television…but I like listening to Podcasts. I’d love to hear what ones are your favorites! I’m currently working on one with one of my best friends. Stay tuned for that shiz…
  4. Reconnect with a friend. Sometimes just reaching out with a simple text to a long-lost friend is a great way to refocus your life. As you catch up with the person it’s helpful to see how great everything in your life really is…. even when it feels as though it isn’t.
  5. Declutter. Dudes, I realize this one isn’t for everyone…but sometimes, when I declutter an area of the home I instantly feel a sense of relief.
  6. Music. If you know me, you know my love for Bob Dylan. Everyone has a favorite artist…. crank up those tunes and get lost in the lyrics.
  7. Write. Or if you don’t enjoy writing, find a creative outlet and own it. Writing is a great way to de-stress your life, hence why you are reading these words.

No matter what strikes you, find a way to pamper yourself. Because, dangit…you freaking deserve it, mama!

Cheers! xx

Treat yo self
Every once in awhile I score a bath without an audience.
Treat yo-self
Pampering yourself while juggling it all isn’t for the birds.

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