An Ode to Monday

I see you, Monday.

Coming in here like a freaking hurricane. You aren’t welcome, but you just don’t get the hint. You return week after week like a full-blown stage-5 clinger.

When I was working full-time, I hated you even more. I thought for sure you would be more of a welcome sight as a work from home mom, but I was wrong. Boy, how I was wrong.

Monday, I have to admit though I have found a couple of things that help alleviate your pain.

  1. Coffee.
  2. When coffee doesn’t work, jumper cables do the trick.
  3. Make a list the night before. This one is a GAME CHANGER for me. I plan out my Monday on Sunday evening so when daylight breaks I don’t want to die.
  4. This too shall pass. Monday can’t last forever, right?
  5. Coffee.

In the meantime, just know that we all suffer the Monday blues. Monday is not a prejudice day of the week…she’ll hit you like a wrecking ball know matter what. The good news is, the state of mind is a powerful thing. While we can’t control Monday’s weekly return, we can control how attack it.

Cheers to you, Monday warriors…now go bring me some coffee!

An Ode to Monday
Hiding out from Monday with my homegirls like…



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