Bon Voyage!

For the first time in 3 years, I’m ditching my kids and husband and going on a girls trip. Can we say E X C I T E D!!! I am not sure I can sing it loud enough.

A million thoughts are going through my mind the night before I leave.

  • What on earth do I pack?
  • Do I have to clean the house?
  • What about the laundry?
  • Oh, since the kids are staying at grandma’s while my husband works…I guess I gotta pack their clothes.
  • I always do, but this time I probably shouldn’t forget their toothbrushes.
  • Pack the sunscreen.
  • Stock the fridge with easy dinners.
  • Finish up what work I can, so I don’t have to spend vacay at my laptop.
  • I’ll actually have time to read! That’s a lot of pressure considering I haven’t read a book in a year… what do I choose?
  • Gotta get my nails done, or at least paint them.
  • Don’t forget to shave! Yow.

I’m probably forgetting 9,000 things but I can’t focus due to pure excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and husband but a little ‘girl time’ is good for the soul. So here I am, 10 PM the night before my 6 AM flight about to pack.

A couple of things I’ve noticed:

Trip for 5: start planning 72 hours in advance.
Trip for 1: start about an hour before bed.

Trip for 5: 73 loads of laundry to prepare.
Trip for 1: Everything smells fine, just throw it in the bag.

Trip for 5: largest suitcases in the history of transportation.
Trip for 1: carry-on.

Trip for 5: 10 pairs of shoes, at minimum.
Trip for 1: 5 pairs of shoes…I’m still a girl.

Trip for 5: 5-8 different electronics and chargers.
Trip for 1: the iPhone is all I need.

Trip for 5: bring enough snacks to feed a small army.
Trip for 1: enjoy a hot Starbucks at the airport.

Now excuse me while I throw some things in a bag and catch a few hours of sleep.

Bon voyage!

Bon Voyage!
Isn’t that the truth?!

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  1. There’s nothing like traveling for one! I just recently took a flight and packed super light. But then went to H&M and splurged. 🙈 Enjoy your mommy trip!


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