Back To School Shopping and our Favorite Brands

I always loved Back to School shopping as a child. I remember getting my school supply list in the mail. You know, pre-Internet days?! I would rush inside and ask my mom when we could go shopping. There was just always something so fresh about a new box of number 2 pencils and a brand new Trapper Keeper. Yes, I’m a child of the 80s.

My oldest son goes to Kindergarten this year! WOW. Time does fly. Sure, I have mixed emotions about all of it…. but that’s another blog for another day.

Today, we are focusing on school shopping. For clothes this year, we did the majority of our shopping at H&M and Zara. Y’all… they have some ADORABLE ITEMS! I’m always a sucker for clothing stores that offer the same clothes for Adam and Luke. Matching them has been something I never thought I’d love as much as I do. ha.

I’m linking some of my favorites here.

For Luke.  (also, on sale now!)

For Eden.

For Adam. (kidding).

We then moved on to Nordstrom, where I tend to purchase a lot of their shoes. I’m just in love with their selection and variety of choices for all three of my kids. We purchased Puma’s for Eden. Linking them here. We also picked up some gorgeous Freshly Picked sandals for Eden & Adam, here!

Lastly, we hopped over to Target to fill Luke’s new school bag. He’s opting to use his Junior Rattlers Golf League bag for the school year. What can I say? The kid loves golf!

Most of the items on his back to school list were pretty straight forward, like markers and colored pencils. I’m linking some of the other items on his list here:

Index Tabs



The selection at the two different Target stores we went to was pretty picked over, as the majority of the children in our area have already started school…but I am a loyal Target shopper and was easily able to cross every item off his list.

Next week, Luke will embark on a new adventure and thanks to some of our most favorite brands… he is armed with the necessary tools to make his first year of school a great success!

*This post does contain some affiliate links. All opinions are my own.*

Super proud to do his back to school shopping.
Contemplating colors.
Pic is a little blurry, but sis with the eye roll.
Gotta get that glue.
Back to school outfits from H&M.

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