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This week I had another routine doctor’s appointment. One I thought would result in an ultrasound and reveal a little more about our new baby. We aren’t finding out the gender so this appointment wasn’t a huge deal.

I’ve written blog posts during all of my pregnancies pointing out the glaring differences from baby #1, #2, #3 and so on. But baby #4…. well, baby #4 has been drastically different.

For starters, I had no idea how far along I was. Sure, I know my due date and have a general idea of when baby was conceived, but I honestly thought I was 20 weeks along or more. When in actuality I was only 18 weeks, 4 days.

If you’ve never been pregnant before you’re probably thinking, big deal! Who the f cares?? But it kind of is a big deal. In my previous pregnancies I knew how far along I was to the day… maybe even hour. When it’s your 4th kid you know you’re pregnant and that’s about all.

Stranger- “Oh wow! How far along are you?”
ME- “hmmm, second trimester.”
Stranger- “when are you due?”
ME: “idk, tomorrow.”

I’m not due until September, but I look like I could go at any minute honestly. I’m as big as I was the day I gave birth to Luke… as my doctor says, “well, you’re mighty stretched out.” That being said, this has been the slowest / fastest pregnancy ever.

I posted on Instagram recently about not finding out the gender (I’ll dive deeper into that next week!) and someone commented about needing to know the gender to prepare the nursery. Cute. Wait, what? Nursery?

Lemme tell you, after baby #1 there is no nursery. The idea had never even crossed my mind until that comment. This child will move into the crib that’s still up in our bedroom from Adam and remain there until about 1 year. From there… who knows?! If it’s a girl, she’ll move in with Eden. If it’s another boy, we may have to do some rearranging. But then again, all of my kids sleep together now… boys and girls, so I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve noticed when it’s your 4th child everything is more relaxed. I don’t have the nesting bug at all this time around, which is kind of refreshing.

We will welcome #4 into our chaotic lives just like the others, and to be honest… I am finally getting really excited for our family of 6! Yes, it’s taken me 18 weeks and 6 days to get this excited.

Anyone else experience these thoughts with baby #2, 3 or 4?? It’s so interesting to think back to my first pregnancy and see how much has changed!