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IMG_6611 (1)As a parent, we all try to find cleaner, safer and healthier alternatives for our families. From clean eating to more organic household cleaning supplies, I’m always searching for the healthiest options. Especially when it comes to medicines. It’s disheartening that most medicines on the market are often filled with potentially harmful fillers and binders, such as artificial dyes, preservatives and common allergens. Yuck!

I recently stumbled upon Genexa and it peaked my interest. I immediately googled the company to read reviews and more about what Genexa was all about. Genexa was founded by two dads who were searching for cleaner options for their children, as a result, the company launched its first line of cleaner medicines in 2016.

Upon further investigation, I learned Genexa medicines are made with USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Their products are made for a wide range of symptoms like cold, flu, allergy, sleep and stress. Not to mention it’s all over-the-counter! Which is so convenient for the busy mom looking for a quick remedy.

I’m sure you’ve seen the brand before at your local grocery store or pharmacy. If you’re a parent, you are all too familiar with the “children’s medicine” aisle. I know I spend a LOT of time there during the winter and early spring months.

For me, choosing healthier is so important because it’s a simple choice I can make to improve my child’s wellbeing. If you take a moment to explore their website, there are so many wonderful tidbits of information about the medicines they provide consumers. I found The “Ex” List especially helpful. There are 61 (common) ingredients Genexa has completely banned. If it’s on the “ex list” it means they threw it out. Awesome!

Our oldest child, Luke sometimes has difficulty turning his brain off at night to sleep. His dad is the exact same way! So, I was searching for something safe and healthy for Luke to try for these occasional “just cannot fall asleep” nights. I picked up Sleepology and immediately started my research.IMG_6584 (1)

Sleepology is the world’s First Certified Organic and Non-GMO homeopathic children’s sleep aid. It’s melatonin-free and non-habit forming. Not to mention, the product is also widely available for adults. We tried it out with Luke recently and it was quite incredible. He was able to have a sound night of sleep without waking up groggy the next morning. I’m also happy the product is melatonin-free and non-habit forming, that’s an important thing to keep in mind here.

Funny story, when I was telling my husband about Sleepology, he asked me if he could try it and I was delighted to tell him that it is widely available for adults as well. Bonus!

If you give it a whirl and are not satisfied, Genexa stands behind their Sleepology product and will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee! How many pharmaceutical companies do you know that will do that?!

Between Luke and my husband, they haven’t had a more sounder night’s sleep.

  • Have you tried Genexa products?
  • What do you like and dislike about some of the medicines on the market?
  • Is USDA Organic and Non-GMO important to you?
  • Comment below and let me know your thoughts…

*This post is sponsored by Genexa. All opinions are my own.*

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