Happy 5th Birthday, Eden

Dear Daughter, She's Becoming DomesticDear Eden,

You are now 5 years old! Five years ago on June 15th, your daddy was rushing to the hospital to get me in a room before your arrival. You were almost born in the car! You must have been excited to meet us.

Eden, I know sometimes it’s tough being the only girl in our family. I can see it on your face, the occasional feeling of being left out.

Eden, you hang with the boys really well. I am SO PROUD of your strong will and outgoing personality. You have the characteristics I always wanted in myself when I was younger but was too shy and ill-equipped.

You jump right into the pile when your dad is wrestling with your brothers. You climb trees and monkey bars better than your older brother. You learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels in 2 days, and even though you have dozens of bruises, cuts and scrapes you didn’t let it stop you from keeping up. You recently lost your first tooth in Disney World (and swallowed it) … a memory neither of us will ever forget.

Eden, you are sandwiched in between two of the most boyish boys I’ve ever known. Your brothers love cars, getting dirty and sports. Gosh do they love sports…but Eden you play with them like a champ. In fact, you’re the best player on your soccer team because of it. I’m not saying this to brag, and I’m not sure how much natural born athleticism you have, but thanks to your brothers you are aggressive and fast and you don’t let anyone push you around… in fact, you do some of the pushing. Oops.

Eden, I know there is a larger part of you that loves princesses and your baby dolls. You love all things pink and frilly. You just finished your second year of ballet and are already looking ahead to next year when you can audition for The Nutcracker.

Eden, you love flowers… gosh do you love flowers. All kinds, even dandelions. You love musicals, one of your favorite movies is The Sound of Music. You love getting your nails painted and wearing mommy’s lipstick. Deep down you are the girliest girl I have ever known.

Eden, sometimes I wonder how you are mine. I was none of those things when I was your age. You are the best of both words and even though you are only 5 years old, I am a little bit envious of your tenacity.

Eden, you are funny. Your older brother is much louder than you, but your humor is witty and contagious. You can make your baby brother belly laugh so hard it brings tears to our eyes.

Eden, you are stubborn and determined. We recently returned from a Disney trip that proved your determination in more ways than one. One of my favorite stories of you is the night you stopped us all at Epcot and took off your shoes. You see, you and your brother fought the entire trip to be the first to the hotel room with the card to open the door. On the second to last night though, you had had enough and hid both hotel cards in her shoes…. keep in mind, you walked around for several hours like that. #savage

This last year was filled with your final year of preschool, your third year of swimming, your second year of ballet and soccer and making new friends. You reached new milestones and crushed your goals. Next year you will enter kindergarten and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

Eden you are my very special daughter, and nothing in this world could ever get between our forever bond. Thank you for being you… the light of my life and my forever best friend.

Happy 5th birthday, Eden! May all your dreams come true this year, your royal 5-ness!








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