10 Things We Shouldn’t Do While Pregnant but Do Anyway

My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat hot dogs.

Admitting I have a hot dog problem is the first step, right?
Okay, let’s take it a step further.

My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat cold deli meat sandwiches, drink way too much coffee, AND I’ve indulged in sushi from time to time.


Last month, I shared on Instagram that I eat hot dogs during pregnancy. To my surprise, women were coming out of the woodwork admitting things they’ve indulged in during these blissful months of growing a human.

I laughed so hard at some of the responses, and can totally relate to more than a few. Here’s a rundown of the most popular responses I received when I asked:

What do you eat or drink during pregnancy that you’re not supposed to?

  1. Cold Deli Meat. Hands down was #1. Dudes, if you haven’t had a turkey sandwich or Italian sub from time to time you are not living.  Period.
  2. Hot Dogs. Here’s the thing, if you have other children chances are hot dogs are a staple in your house. I usually buy beef or sausage hot dogs, but I’m not even gonna try to pretend I’m above a solid Costco hot dog with ketchup. Yummmm.
  3. Sushi. Omgggggggg, give me all the sushi. Soy sauce with wasabi and ginger. I’m drooling and could literally drink that stuff. In fact, our 8 year anniversary is coming up next week and the only thing I requested was sushi. Listen, there are mixed reports on consuming sushi while pregnant. I don’t eat the raw stuff while knocked up, and I don’t purchase sushi from sketchy places… i.e. the grocery store. Eyyyy. And besides, do you think women in Japan stop eating sushi while pregnant? Doubtful.
  4. Tuna. I can’t comment here, because I do not like tuna pregnant or not. Never have, but you do you gurlfran.
  5. Queso Dip. If we’re being completely honest here… I didn’t even know this wasn’t allowed until I posed this question and someone said they eat it. Oops.
  6. Wine. Lotttts of people admitted to drinking an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy. I am not a doctor or medical professional, so I will not comment on this more than saying…. I’ve heard women in Europe do it. I’m also pretty sure most babies born before 1970 had a mom who indulged in a few adult beverages. That being said, I am not a medical professional and am not condoning drinking while pregnant at all.
  7. Coffee. I’m on my 3rd cup right now as I write this blog post. Judge away white wigs.
  8. Brie and other soft cheeses. I’m personally not a fan of brie, but I have 100% eaten soft cheeses during my pregnancies. They are soooooo goooooood.
  9. Salmon. Another thing I’m not a huge fan of… also, I don’t think salmon is bad for you while pregnant.
  10. Squirt. This one made me laugh so hard. I had never heard of Squirt before this fun activity, but have since sought it out in our local grocery store. I don’t think Squirt is bad for you… but too much of a good thing could be. And yes…. it is good.

Honorable mentions: Olive Juice (whaaat?!) Cucumbers (didn’t know that was a no-no) Cheetos (100% NOT off limits) and Marshmallows (hahah, another one that made me laugh).

Again, I want to reiterate I am not saying these items are okay to eat while pregnant. I am not encouraging you to go out and load up on wine, sushi, cold cuts and Squirt. I’m simply a super preggo hippo who is sharing her findings among friends and other preggo ladies.

Alright, your turn! Comment below on something you have eaten or drank while pregnant when you know you shouldn’t have!

10 Things we shouldn't do while pregnant, but do anyway.



  1. I drank coffee almost every day of being pregnant. Breastfeeding and still drinking coffee….even more now than before! I don’t feel bad one bit. I did have hot dogs and tuna. I craved sushi but didn’t give into that one until after baby (it was the only thing that made me nervous).

    1. Coffee is my lifeline! Sushi is okay if it’s cooked and from a reputable source… but I get you! I won’t touch tuna. Not because I’m nervous for baby, but because I’m not a fan. haha. 🙂

    2. Coffee is my lifeline. hahaha


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