Back To School with Kids on 45th

Luke goes back to school in two days, Eden will start kindergarten next week, and if I’m being honest… I’m a bit overwhelmed!

I recently sat down and put all of our fall activities and school events in the calendar and it’s a lot! Not to mention, I only have two kids who are active right now. Yikes.

Don’t even get me started on the Back To School shopping. I felt like I didn’t have time or financial resources left after everything the summer sucked out of us. Plus, being 8 months pregnant may have had something to do with that exhaustion as well, ha!

Enter an AMAZING company that makes the kids clothes shopping easy, Kids on 45th.

Kids on 45th provides an entire box of adorable, affordable clothing. The clothes are pre-loved and start at $1.99 per item. Let’s be completely honest here, kids grow like weeds. Some of Eden’s clothes still have tags on them and she’s unable to wear them, so the thought of pre-loved clothing does not bother me one bit!

Kids on 45th is so easy to use. Simply log on to their website, enter a bit of information about your kids including sizes and styles they like and that’s it! The online retailer makes life so much easier for busy moms with their 2-minute online shopping experience. All you need to do is choose the items you want (for example: shorts, pants, long sleeved shirts) and they do the rest.

When the box arrived, my kids wanted to dive right in right away. I was extremely impressed with the selections. I couldn’t believe some of the items still had tags on them. I ordered several clothing items for all three children, sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts, dresses, shoes… and my total was only $70.

I should point out, some of these are name brand items too. Eden received several Gap clothing items, and Luke received Adidas joggers and an Under Armour shirt. Moms of boys… you know how expensive Under Armour can be!

We will be keeping all of the items that arrived in our box, but if you’re not satisfied it’s really easy to get credit for what you don’t love with their Happiness Policy. It’s that simple – if you don’t love something in your box, it’s a quick two taps on your device to get a credit for the item.

Oh, and I should mention there is No Subscription Necessary: And no styling fees, ever. Say, what?!? That means you won’t be receiving box after box after box if you forget to cancel. I’m guilty of this so I really appreciate the No Subscription Necessary rule. If you do want to subscribe for a monthly box, that is simple too.

Kids on 45th is a mama owned business and they are doing everything right. If you already spent the bank on Back To School shopping, I know your kids will need new clothes when they grow an inch in just 3 months. So, I highly recommend checking out this amazing service and seeing what all the buzz is all about!

To receive $10 off your first box use this link!

*This post was sponsored by Kids on 45th, all opinions are my own.*

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kids on 45th first one
Time and Money Saving at it’s best!
Kids on 45th 3 and 4
My kids loved the big surprise in the box. 
Kids on 45th 2
So many clothes for such a little cost!
Kids on 45th for all 3 kids
All of this for just $70.

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