How to Naturally Induce Labor

IMG_7772Truth be told, I don’t actually know if any of these methods work. This is my 4th child, and I am kind of a firm believer that the baby will come when the baby is ready… but it is fun to speculate. And some of these are actually fun to try!

I asked the question on my Instagram stories yesterday asking for ways to Naturally Induce Labor, and some of your responses had me rolling. hahahah. Like eating a hot dog from Hell from Dirty Frank’s or taking one bit of habanero salsa.

So, I’m sharing my favorite ones, just in case you are far along in your pregnancy (like me) and willing to try almost anything.

  1. Spicy Food: Okay, this is one that I actually might believe in. With my last child, I devoured a spicy chicken sandwich from one of our local favorites The Rusty Bucket the night before I gave birth. I thought the contractions were indigestion. I remember the nurses laughing at the fact that I was in complete denial that I was in labor and honestly thought it was indigestion from that delicious spicy chicken sandwich. We will be making a trip back to the RB soon.
  2. Pineapple: I’ve heard this one before, I’ve never actually tried it… but you better believe I’m heading out to the grocery today to snag some.
  3. Bouncing on an exercise ball: I have one in our basement. I remember doing this with Luke. It didn’t work, but maybe with my 4th I’m a little more loosened and stretched out. ha.
  4. Sex: TMI, but I will say at this point in pregnancy sex is not really enjoyable for either party. Oy. Instead of booty bumpin, you be belly bumpin.
  5. Dates: I had never heard this one before! I have dates in my fridge and don’t mind throwing them in the blender with a smoothie…but to just sit and eat a date, ew.
  6. Full Moon: Guess what today is?!?!?!? Friday the 13th with a full harvest moon. howwwwwl!
  7. Walking: This is probably the most well-known form of naturally inducting labor, right? I’ve been walking 2-5 miles every single day since I entered my 2nd trimester and stopped having horrible morning sickness. I walk very, very slow now. But, I am still walking! I’m not sure if it’s helping at all…but it’s something I enjoy doing, and it’s a great activity with kids. I like to call it Operation Walk This Baby Out!
  8. Pumping: ugh. I don’t want to try this method. I hate pumping as it is after baby arrives. In fact, I still don’t even know where all my pumping items are… I’m putting it off until the very last minute because I hate pumping that much. People swear by it… I would rather wait it out than to have to pump one additional day of my life.
  9. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: This is a new one for me! One of my IG friends suggested it, so I ordered some off Amazon yesterday… TBD if it works or not.

Of course, many of these are just common folklore and really don’t have much scientific evidence to prove if they truly work. I should also mention, before trying anything that might induce labor, you’ll want to speak with your doctor to go over any risks or possible complications!

Here’s to hoping baby comes SOON!

Did I miss anything? Did anything work for you to naturally induce labor??

Comment below and let me know!


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