Meet The Irelands: Shanisty + Jeff Tell All

DSC_3919If you’ve been following along for awhile, thank you! If you are new to my blog or perhaps my social media platforms, welcome!

I recently asked on Instagram if you’d like to learn a little more about us… some fun facts, and random thoughts, if you will. These questions might give you a little behind the scenes to what you see through my words, pictures and videos.

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Favorite Cuisine
    Shanisty: Asian Food
    Jeff: Almost Anything
  2. The hobby I could never give up
    Shanisty: Writing
    Jeff: Golf
  3. Favorite Season
    Shanisty: The summer and early fall in Ohio
    Jeff: Fall and the holiday season
  4. Favorite Movie
    Shanisty: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Jeff: ?? He didn’t answer this one, but Shanisty thinks it would be something with action, her least favorite kind of movie.
  5. Favorite Ice Cream
    Shanisty: Cookie Dough
    Jeff: Anything with ‘tracks’ in the name
  6. Favorite non-alcoholic drink
    Shanisty + Jeff: Coffee
  7. Favorite Alcoholic Drink
    Shanisty: Wine
    Jeff: Bourbon
  8. The thing I find most attractive in a person
    Shanisty: Their smile
    Jeff: Intelligence
  9. Biggest Pet Peeve
    Shanisty: Humble Brags
    Jeff: Most People
  10. I hate the smell of
    Shanisty: Gasoline
    Jeff: Vomit
  11. I’m scared of
    Shanisty: my kids getting bullied
    Jeff: not being there for my kids
  12. I can’t stand the sound of
    Shanisty: whining children
    Jeff: Ungratefulness
  13. The most boring sport to watch is
    Shanisty: Racing
    Jeff: Baseball
  14. The most stressful thing for me is
    Shanisty: a messy home and being unorganized
    Jeff: Stress
  15. I once made
    Shanisty: a children’s book that won me some scholarship money for college
    Jeff: a radio
  16. I have ____ siblings
    Shanisty: 0 siblings, I always hated being an only child
    Jeff: 6 siblings and it’s the greatest thing ever
  17. My fondest childhood family memory is
    Shanisty: Thanksgiving is a big holiday in our family, my grandfather always baked two turkeys and handed out his Christmas gifts to the grandkids on Thanksgiving. My mom has since taken over the tradition.
    Jeff: Going to Texas for Christmas
  18. My favorite subject at
    Shanisty: history
    Jeff: Psychology
  19. My dream job
    Shanisty: to write a book.
    Jeff: Coaching
  20. My first proper job after graduating
    Shanisty: a news anchor in Parkersburg, WV.
    Jeff: Carpentry
  21. If I had my time at school again
    Shanisty: I’d still go into journalism
    Jeff: I’d have gone into medicine
  22. I’m practically addicted to
    Shanisty: white Tic Tacs
    Jeff: Reese’s
  23. The achievement I am most proud of
    Shanisty: My children
    Jeff: My family, it’s not even close
  24. My idea of Heaven on Earth
    Shanisty: staying at a hotel kid free.
    Jeff: Christmas morning
  25. The best advice I ever received was
    Shanisty: let others do the talking for you.
    Jeff: do nothing that is not good for you
  26. I have never tried
    Shanisty: a Big Mac
    Jeff: caviar
  27. The most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me
    Shanisty: give me a massage.
    Jeff: dinner, bath and bourbon
  28. I have broken
    Shanisty: My pelvis
    Jeff: hearts. lololololllll
  29. My celebrity crush
    Shanisty: Matthew McConaughey
    Jeff: Elizabeth Taylor (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Era, not Micheal Jackson era)
  30. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is normally
    Shanisty: are the kids awake?
    Jeff: I should have gone to bed earlier

There you have it! 30 fun and interesting facts about Jeff + Shanisty Ireland.

Your turn!! What is something unique about yourself? Was there anything on our list that surprised you?




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  1. You and your husband seem like total opposites, but yet still enjoy a lot of the same things.


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