Life Lessons from Luke

Our 6-year old is a natural born leader. Sure, all parents feel that way about their precious little ones, but there is something truly unique about Luke.

You see, Luke has two loves in his life right now.

  1. Sports
  2. Coaching Eden in sports and really, in life.

He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to playing football, golf, hockey, baseball and more. In his mind, he is an expert, especially when it comes to his little brother and sister. So pretty much, he offers Eden unsolicited advice all the time.

Eden, being the strong independent woman that she is, often just rolls her eyes at him. But at the end of the day, she always listens to what her older (much wiser) brother has to say.

I’ve shared little snip bits and short videos of Luke coaching Eden before, and they are hilarious.

So for your Friday morning entertainment, I am sharing a compilation of some of his best efforts to coach his sister. Yes, I have many MANY more of these videos… but here’s a start!



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