Lucky #7 for Luke!

Dear Luke,

Today you turned 7 years old. Lucky #7 for my oldest son. Where do I even begin with you?

It was a snowy day in Birmingham when you were born. It doesn’t snow often in Alabama, so even a light dusting had everyone a little freaked out. I was induced with you, because of the car accident I was in less than a year before you were born.

I broke my pelvis in 7 places and needed surgery. I then spent 4 months in a wheelchair recovering and learning to walk again. About a month later, we found out I was pregnant with you!

Less than a year after that car accident, you made your grand entrance into the world and completely changed my life forever.

I remember my mom telling me when you were a very young age how smart you were. I figured she was biased, but now, I know she was right. Luke, you have a strong perception of people and situations that is advanced beyond your years. You care for others, sure, but you FEEL for them too. You have an incredible ability to calculate a situation and go with your intuition. Some people in their 60s can’t even do what you have the ability to do at 7 years old.

This year was a year of new challenges and adventures for you. You gained a new baby brother who you adore and miss greatly while you’re at school. You continue to be the leader in our family and help guide your brother Adam and sister, Eden, even though those two like to team up on you sometimes. I know you get frustrated with them, but they are just trying to fill your shoes. You have extremely large shoes to fill.

This year you were diagnosed with severe hearing loss in your right ear. Multiple tests later you received your first hearing aid. You liked it a lot! But after a recent visit to the doctor, we aren’t so sure it’s working the way it should be… you stopped wearing it and say you can hear again. The jury is still out on this long lasting journey of hearing loss for us…

This year you began weekly golf lessons and only missed one week at Christmas. Rain or shine, 90 degrees or 18 degrees you are out there swinging the sticks. You joined US Kids Golf this year and won your age division, you were so proud! As long as you love the sport, your dad and I will continue to support your golf game.

Also this year, you continued soccer. This was your 4th year playing, you love soccer because it’s something special you and your dad bond over.

Luke, you started reading chapter books this year and learning multiplication. You love to challenge me in math. You know it’s not my strongest subject, so you like to quiz me a lot. ha. Also this year, you wrote your first book! I was so proud. The book was titled: My Golf Tournament and was all about golf, surprise, surprise.

Luke, you are so funny. You make us laugh daily. You are such a great helper, I don’t know how I could possibly have so many kids without your help. You are such a friendly and happy child. You are so incredibly honest though too, if you’re having a bad day you’ll tell me so right away and ask if you can lay down for a minute and start the day over again.

Your greatest loves at 7 years old are sports, Star Wars, Nerf guns, air hockey, Olive Garden and ice cream. You still can sit down and watch an entire golf tournament and look forward to College Football Saturdays with your dad sitting in our media room watching football all day while tossing a football around.

Luke, sometimes I am really at a loss for words when it comes to you.

I had lunch with you at school today for the first time. You were allowed to invite one friend over to our table. I know you’ve sat with your friends and their parents before because you’ve told me. When I asked you if there is a friend you’d like to have join us, you responded with the most typical Luke answer there ever was: “no, that’s okay mom… I want it to be just me and you.”

I love you Luke. Happy 7th Birthday! May all your dreams come true this year!






  1. Happy Birthday Young Man!!!

  2. Just love this boy!


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