IMG_1310For whatever reason, my kids kids were really into Groundhog Day this year. They have been talking non-stop about the possibility of having an early spring. It’s probably because the sun has not shined in Central Ohio in what feels like decades!! On February 2nd, the kids woke up early to see if we were in for a long winter or early spring. Eden even made me a picture of her interpretation of the Groundhog, ha… see below!

The one thing that keeps them from going crazy during the long stretch of cold weather is their weekly swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

Did you know there are more benefits of swimming than the simple act of learning to overcome the fear of water?

3 Key Ways Swimming Benefits Total Baby Health and Wellness

1. Sleep

I hardly know what sleep is anymore, to be completely honest with you…But here’s the thing: Kids need to exercise during the day to use up all their physical energy so they can sleep well at night.

It may seem like kids have endless amounts of energy, and you’d think they’d run through it during their day. But, they need to exercise ALL of their muscles in a productive way – which is why swimming is perfect!

2. Energy

Speaking of energy, swimming also gives kids energy! It may sound like an oxymoron that it can both invite better sleep AND increase energy, but it’s true.

The more kids exercise, the more their body works to pump oxygen and blood throughout their body – woohoo!

When your child is sitting around playing video games or on their electronics all day, it seems like that’s all they want to do. But, head out to swim for a bit and watch how the ball starts rolling and they’ll want to continue doing something active.

3. Digestion

Not to get all specific, but our digestive system needs for us to move for it to work optimally. Swimming provides the movement to open things up and aid digestion in kids.

Imagine food like a marble, and your child’s intestinal system as the tight, winding hallway the marble needs to roll down. Sometimes, the marble gets stuck or the hallway needs to straighten out – so what to do then? Shake things up a bit to make it easier to roll through!

Especially for babies who aren’t as active solo, physical movements are often needed to push things along. You may have used “bicycle legs” to help your little one with tummy troubles – because the act of moving their legs pushes around the food or air in their digestive system. Swimming allows for that without needing to wait until distress is evident.

I highly encourage you to Start Swimming at Goldfish Swim School!

Swimming is great for kids, and great for you as a parent! Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you (they are located across the country!).

*this post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, all opinions are my own!*


Eden’s Groundhog Day Picture, ha!