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Pizza, pizza! Earlier this month, we didn’t have a lot going on so we decided to stay in with the kids and enjoy some time together. Who doesn’t love a family night of pizza, garlic bread, cookies and a movie? Honestly, that’s our favorite kind of family night and one we try to do at least once a week.

We had the most exciting package arrive on our doorstep from Little Caesar’s. A box filled with pizza ingredients, including pre-made and rolled dough, crazy bread and Twix cookies. All of the ingredients were individually packaged with simple and easy to use instructions.

Once the box was opened, the kids raced to put on their chef hats and get baking! We started out with making the pizzas. There were three large pizza pies, a pack of cheese, sauce and pepperoni for the kids to assemble. The process was so fast, fun and easy!

We ended up making all 3 pizzas (because if one wasn’t baked they were upset, ha). Which made for excellent leftovers. The kids also wanted to dive into baking the Twix cookies.

OMG… these cookies were phenomenal! The dough was already made and rolled into individual balls for baking. After baking, we topped the cookies with crushed up Twix bars. These were some of the most delicious cookies we’ve ever had!!!

We saved the Crazy Bread for another day this week when we can pair it with a salad. So much food in this fundraising kit.

Now, here’s the best part about it… this kit can be sold for fundraising purposes.

Little Caesars Fundraising has launched this great way to raise some dough! You can join the thousands of schools, churches, sports teams and other non-profit groups that raise millions of dollars each year with delicious products that everyone loves.

Honestly, how can anyone say no to pizza?

These Pizza Kits are a creative way to get your kids involved in the dinner-making process, while also spending quality time with the family, and supporting a local fundraiser!

Click the link below to order yours today and happy baking! Be sure to use code @shanistyIRELAND20 when ordering.

*this post is sponsored by Little Caesars Fundraising. All opinions are my own.*





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