From dead-bolting the master bedroom, to becoming a laundry expert… Brad and I have learned some pretty surprising things about ourselves during lockdown.

For me, I think the most surprising thing I learned about myself is how strong my desire to help people is. As a former journalist, I am so attuned to helping people in a time of crisis. Whether it’s a natural disaster or community tragedy, I am used to picking up a camera and telling a story to help. I’ve felt so helpless during this pandemic, I turned to making masks.

The mask making venture for me has filled my cup and desire to help in a small way, and I’m really surprised how much I enjoy sewing!

Brad is really surprised at how much he enjoys being a “housewife” … he’s loving the opportunity to clean the house during all hours of the day and taking charge of the laundry.

We decided to compare notes and share with our audience 5 surprising things we’ve learned about ourselves during quarantine.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of the She’s Becoming Domestic Podcast!