Dear Eden,

My one and only daughter. I have so much to tell you about this last year. You have grown up to become a beautiful young lady who is smart and sharp as a whip. You are sassy and dance to the beat of your own drum. Constantly dancing.

IMG_2158Eden, you accomplished your 3rd year of ballet this year and are now entering primary ballet and practicing for the Nutcracker. When I was a little girl, I lasted one week in ballet and decided dancing wasn’t for me. It’s been a learning curve for me to become a “dance mom” and it’s something I never thought my little girl would be interested in, but Eden you are obsessed. You take ballet very seriously, even during a pandemic when 50% of your classes were virtual. I thought this might be the last season for you in ballet (selfishly, I was thinking you’d want to try something new) but you proved me wrong with your beautiful recital performance and love for the art. I’m excited to see what your 4th year of ballet holds for you.

Eden, you entered kindergarten in the fall as a normal 5 year old… but you graduated in the spring from our home via Zoom. We are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic which has robbed you of many wonderful things kindergartners normally are able to experience. I’m sad for you, but I’m so incredibly PROUD of how well you’ve handled quarantine. Your older brother Luke takes a lot of credit for that, as neither of you ever caused a fuss when I told you we couldn’t go to the store, or the zoo, or school, or the pool, or to Disney World because of the current world we live in. Eden, you have dealt with this pandemic with maturity and grace and I thank you for that.

You didn’t get to participate in soccer this spring, due to the pandemic, but you did take up golf! You love golfing with your brothers, so we started you in private lessons with Luke’s coach. We hope you continue to love the game as much as he does. IMG_2621

During the last year you also gained another brother. Throughout my entire pregnancy you prayed and prayed and prayed for a sister. When I first laid eyes on Jude, my immediate thought turned to you. I was nervous you would be so disappointed and sad that God didn’t bless our family with another girl. When you and your brothers arrived at the hospital to meet Jude you let out a sigh of disbelief when we told you it was a boy. Less than 10 seconds later you were cuddled up on the hospital bed with me begging to hold him. You were the first one to hold him and didn’t want to let him go. The two of you already have a special bond and you tell me religiously how much you love being the only girl in the family. It’s just me and you holding down the fort and keeping all the boys in our household in line.

IMG_3687Eden, you are everything I could have ever imagined and more from a daughter. You love to spend quality time with me working out (you can CRUSH some burpees!!). You also love to help me out in the kitchen, do laundry and water the flowers. You love flowers and Barbies and unicorns and mermaids and Disney princesses. You also love getting dirty and painting without caring how messy you get. Sometimes I envision you growing up and living in a studio apartment wearing overalls splashing paint everywhere on giant murals. You are my creative spirit through and through.

Eden, I encourage you to grow up and attend college out of state. Travel the world. Experience things that I didn’t get a chance to experience. Live the life you dream of. You currently want to grow up and become a chef or ballerina or golfer… or all 3. I hope you accomplish all of your dreams and so much more.

Thank you Eden for being the daughter I never could have ever imagined. You have taught me so much already, and I can’t wait to see what else I learn from you during your 6th year of life.

Happy 6th birthday, Eden Marie… our little spitfire with the most beautiful soul.