Back to School 2020 Edition

IMG_4923I can’t believe August 1st is this weekend. This summer, in particular, has seemed to fly by. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of better days ahead and life returning back to “normal” — or maybe it’s the inability to enjoy the things we normally do during the summer like the swimming pool, beach vacations and the state fair… but Summer 2020 has come and (almost) gone in the blink of an eye.

Our school system released their Back to School plans a few weeks ago, like many other districts around the nation. With the various options brings the daunting task of deciding what is best for our children during a worldwide pandemic.

I see all sides equally, I really do. Whether it’s going back to school in a traditional setting, virtual learning or homeschooling… whatever choice your family makes is the best choice for you!

What path did you choose for your kids as we enter the new school year???




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  1. Our schools (Fayette Co; Lexington KY) is starting Aug 26th. We will be doing virtual for at least 6 weeks. Then they will review how Covid is doing.


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