Here Comes Halloween!

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My loving daughter is the toughest critic when it comes to holiday decorations. She will constantly ask me what holiday is next…. how many more days until the next holiday…. and when can we start decorating? Needless to say, every year she is a little disappointed in how weak my holiday decorating game is. I try to invest a little each year for each holiday, but I seem to always fall a little short in her expectations.

But not this year!

This week, I surprised my kids and took them to our local Party City for a little Halloween decorating shopping. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve taken them shopping since pre-COVID. I’ve shopped at Party City many times since COVID, but I usually choose the Curbside Pickup option, which is so convenient…especially for a mom of 4!

However, this year I really wanted them to help me pick out the perfect decorations for our front porch to transform it from a drab summer sitting area to a full blown Spooktacular Spectacle!

We all went into the store with different ideas in mind. Luke wanted to create a graveyard, Eden wanted me to purchase ghosts and goblins and Adam was fond of the sharks (clearly, not in the Halloween aisle, but he argued they were Halloween decorations too!).

We all settled on bats and skeletons. We purchased several paper and glittery bats, black spider web cloth, white skeletons, some brown craft paper, skeleton heads and some black roses. Stick with me…

We took the skeleton heads and carved small holes in the top to create spooky vases for the black roses. We then taped the brown craft paper across our front door and wrote the words BEWARE in black sharpie. I draped the spider web material across the brown paper and put the skeleton at the bottom of the spider web. Lastly we taped dozens of paper bats across the door and onto our house. We already had some pumpkins from our trip to the apple orchard earlier in the week, and I had a white pumpkin wreath for the center of the door.

The kids were busy bathing and getting ready for bed while the transformation happened to our front porch and they were super excited and surprised to see the finished product! I even let them tape the bats on the door. Believe it or not, even my toughest critic loved the final product!

Party City was such an easy option for our Spooktacular Spectacle. Everything I purchased was less than $50, making it super affordable! I plan to go back closer to Halloween to grab a few more items like pumpkins and balloons. But for now, the kids are happy and I’m loving the affordable transformation that took place on our porch within a matter of an hour.

If you’re looking for the best option to turn your home into a haunted house or ghoulish delight… check out Party City today!





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