100+ Virtual Halloween Ideas for your Little Ghosts & Goblins

Halloween may look different this year, like everything else in the year 2020. My kids are still super excited for Halloween, it’s one of their absolute favorite holidays. In fact, they picked out their costumes months ago!

We are still TBD on trick or treating this year… that will have to be decided closer to the holiday, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t soaking up all of the fun October provides.

This complete list of 100+ Virtual Halloween Events is an AWESOME resource for your little ghosts and goblins. We are going to take part in a few of these in the coming weeks!! Including the Halloween Baking Classes.

I hope you find some of them interesting and helpful.

Check out the complete list below!


What virtual events on the list look exciting to you?!



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  1. Mia Tenille

    Oh, such a cute idea! And I have to say, your crew is so dang cute! Hope your family has a great Halloween! My family will be skipping regular trick-or-treating and I’ll just buy a big bag of candy for us to snack on while carving pumpkins and spending time together! I’ll at least know what to blame my new cavities on to mydentist at least! haha  

    1. Shanisty

      That’s a great idea for Halloween night!! I hope you enjoy 🙂


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