Who would have ever guessed the first year of the new decade would turn out to be the way it was?? Sometimes when I’m at a store, I try to think back to a time when people weren’t shielded with a mask…it’s hard to remember. Even stranger, try watching a show or movie where people are crowded in a small space like a bar or farmers market. Crazy!

Regardless of how this last year has unfolded, today is the final day of 2020, and while I do not own a crystal ball…I am trying to remain positive for the outcome of 2021.

I am still making my goals today, like I do at the end of every year. I believe in writing them down somewhere you will remember, so you can go back next December and see how far you’ve come!

My 2020 goals didn’t pan out quite the way I planned, but I actually think everything worked out for the best.

In 2020, I wanted to organize our house. Little did I know at the time we would be homebound for the year…so we had plenty of opportunities to organize the house. That part was awesome and super satisfying!

I also wanted to grow my personal brand and create an online academy for you. I never got around to it, because honestly, I think the maket is over-saturated with online blogging academies. So instead of growing my brand that way, I poured myself into Television spots and launched a Podcast.

I worked harder at my blog and provided more content and recipes for you all. I also shifted my IG to the more humorous side of parenting and marriage and less of the heartwarming posts, travel (we didn’t really go many places) and everyday nonsense. I moved the every day activities to stories and reels and tried to keep my feed cleaner.

2021 has some exciting personal goals ahead, it will be interesting to look back next December 31st and see how far we’ve come!

MY 2021 GOALS:

  • continue to grow my blog, revamp it and utilize Pinterest more
  • continue to grow IG and share funny posts, parenting advice and recipes
  • throw myself into freelance TV, it’s my passion and what I did for a decade of my life…not to mention, what my degree is in
  • travel! everything was canceled in 2020, I am hopeful that with a little modern medicine…travel will be easier in the New Year
  • launch a new business. my cousin and I have been working hard the last year on Savvy Box. A curated gift box company, we hope to launch first Q of 2021
  • be a better Homeschool mom – homeschooling is tough! but there is always room for improvement
  • continue my health journey, I worked really hard during quarantine to get back to my pre-baby weight and to tone up. Working out with a personal trainer 3 times a week has been life changing, but there is always room for a better diet with more water and less of the red stuff 🤪
  • continue to organize our house. kitchen cabinets, closets, basement, even the mail…I hope at this time next year there is nothing left in my house to organize. 😆

what are some of your 2021 goals?? Share them here or write them down…it will be fun to look back on the year on December 31, 2021 together.