Kimchi Beef Noodle Soup

As the temperature continues to drop, we turn to a family favorite for dinner. I don’t know about you, but I think a hearty bowl of soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods when it’s chilly outside!

I had the chance to hop on a Zoom with Cribbs in the CLE on WOIO in Cleveland this morning to chat about one of my favorite soup recipes that transforms a classic soup with better-for-you alternatives that bring more flavor, nutrition and comfort.

Did you know, soup has been traced back as far as 20,000 B.C. Animal hides and watertight baskets of bark were used for bowls, and they used hot rocks to boil water.

It might not surprise you but the most popular soup variety in the U.S. is chicken noodle.

Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year!

Now on to the recipe!

Kimchi Beef Noodle Soup

prep time: 5 minutes
cook time 10 minutes
total: 15 minutes
serves: 4-6


  • 3 oz shirataki noodles or rice noodles
  • 1 cup kimchi
  • 1 cup seasoned and cooked ground beef
  • 1 cup LonoLife Thai Curry Beef Bone Broth Or your favorite bone broth
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup Karen’s Naturals Just Peas (optional)
  • 1 fried egg
  • Optional: Furikake seasoning and green onions for garnish


1. Prep shirataki noodles as instructed.
2. In a pan sauté kimchi and noodles together.
3. Add ground beef and stir.
4. Add LonoLife Thai Curry Beef Bone Broth and one cup of water and stir until well combined.
5. Add Karen’s Naturals Just Peas and stir.
6. In a separate pan, fry an egg to add to the top of your bowl of soup
7. Enjoy!


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