Spooky Scary Skeleton Charcuterie Board

’tis the season for my favorite charcuterie boards. Last year I designed a Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas tree using meat, cheese, crackers and fruit…but this week I decided to take it a step further.

My Spooky Scary Skeleton charcuterie board was really simple! I purchased the skeleton head and hands from The Dollar Store, along with the black roses. I cut a hole in the top of the skeleton head to put the roses in.

Pro tip* cover the board with Kraft paper before constructing your charcuterie board to avoid food stains on the board. Here’s a quick demo of the board and all of the ingredients I used.

Motor City Pizza for the kids on the side, because they needed something hearty to eat after school. Made with premium ingredients, Motor City Pizza Co. bakes their pizzas in a custom-tray—allowing their pizzas to reach the paramount of Detroit-style perfection with crispy, caramelized crust.

Raybern’s is America’s #1 selling, ready-to-eat Philly Cheesesteak in grocery stores, known for their “bakery soft” bread from freezer to microwave that took years to master! (Luke LOVES these!) The convenience of ready-to-eat, delicious sandwiches is perfect for any after school snack, festive fest or homegate! These single serve sandwiches can be easily prepped within seconds.



  • Brie cut into the shape of a coffin (I used a sharpie to write R.I.P.)
  • Pita chips or Naan chips or pretzels
  • Ritz crackers
  • Pepper jack cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Havarti Cheese
  • Peppered Salami
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Carrots
  • Raybern’s sandwich cut up in bite sizes
  • Motor City Pizza cut up in bite sizes
  • Dips (I used spinach and artichoke)
  • Cut up apples and caramel dip
  • nuts
Spooky Scary Skeleton Charcuterie Board
Raybern’s Sandwiches
Motor City Pizza


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