8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas – From a Mom of 4

Holiday Gift Ideas
There are some gifts that you know when you purchase them they are short-lived. And then there are some gifts that just keep on giving, through multiple children. Those gifts are the best! 

This holiday season I wanted to share with you a comprehensive list of the best gifts my kids have ever received over the years. Some items might be a little pricy, but some are very affordable. Some links even have Cyber Monday pricing!

Here are 8 gift ideas that continue to bring joy to my kids over the years:


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1. Magna-Tiles: hands-down the very BEST investment we’ve made for our kids. My 2 year old loves to build things with these magnetic geometric designs and my 8 year old still uses them for various creative games he plays. Opt for the large set, or even 2 sets. These things aren’t cheap, but we have had a solid 7 years of enjoyment from our Magna-Tiles and they are still in excellent condition.

2. OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks: I recommend these year after year. No brush or water needed for these twistable paint sticks. They are great for projects, posters, journaling… washable and easy toOOLY paint sticks clean!  Bonus: A set goes a long way! These markers last for almost a year, and my middle two use them almost every day. OOLY PAINT STICKS

3. Play Kitchen: Ours is super old and outdated. I bought it second-hand when my older two were 2 and 3 years old. The nice thing about a play kitchen, you can buy them second hand (honestly, any style and brand will do… ours is similar to this one: KID KITCHEN and then purchase new food and kitchen utensils. Here are a few links to some of our favorite items for the kitchen. KITCHEN FOOD

Craft Organizer

4. Craft Kits: a few Christmas’s ago, Santa brought our kids LAP DESKS and an ORGANIZATION BOX for their crafts. This has been refilled over the years and still remains one of the best gifts my daughter ever received. You can fill these little plastic containers with stickers, fun erasers, crayons, gel pens, etc!

5. Train Table: This was a gift my oldest received for Christmas when he was 2. And now, 6 years later, it remains in excellent condition and my youngest child’s favorite toy. Ours is the KIDCRAFT TRAIN TABLE *PRO TIP: take the time to glue the pieces to the table. My mom did this a few years ago… it was super time consuming, but sooooo worth it. The kids don’t have to rebuild the set every single time they want to play with it.

6. Zingo: This is one game all of my kids enjoy playing regardless of their age. Heck! My husband and I enjoy playing this game too. ZINGO (Cyber Monday Deal)

7. Deck of Cards: you might laugh at this, but a simple deck of playing cards is one of my kids favorite things to play with. From War to Memory games to Poker, my kids absolutely love playing with a simple deck of playing cards.

Pottery Barn Kids Table and Chairs

8. Kids Table and Chairs: This was the big gift Santa brought a couple years ago from POTTERY BARN KIDS. I will warn you, it’s expensive. But it is the one item that my children continue to use every single day. My almost 9 year old can still sit at the table and my 2 year old can sit with his siblings. They eat breakfasts here, play games, do crafts, do homeschool, homework, etc. If you’re in the market for a big ticket item this holiday season… this one is tops in my opinion!

So there you have it. 8 gifts that keep on giving. Did I miss something you can’t live without? Comment below and let us know!

Happy Holidays everyone!



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