We are so excited to share our Rainbow Baby is on the way this August!

I had a miscarriage in October that really rocked me to the core. This was my second miscarriage, I had one before Luke, but this one was so hard. We weren’t planning to have a fifth child, so the pregnancy in itself was a bit surprising. I went through every emotion imaginable and when I had come to terms with the pregnancy and was becoming excited, Boom! I miscarried.

We planned to wait until this spring or summer to start trying again. We have a lot going on right now, so the timing seemed right. However, 2 weeks after my D and C I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Admittedly, I wasn’t excited right away. When you’ve gone through a loss it’s all about being CAUTIOUSLY optimistic. And then I started bleeding…

About 5 weeks in, I started bleeding pretty significantly. Honestly, I was angry. Not sad, just angry. Why would this happen again so quickly again?? I took my final pregnancy test that was in the box, it was positive, but the bleeding was pretty apparent, so I tossed the test in the trash. I called my doctor and they brought me in right away for blood work. They told me they’d give me a call the next day with my results, but I didn’t think the call would be necessary… I was 100% sure I was having another miscarriage.

The next day I was in a good place emotionally, I didn’t shed a tear this time around because I was guarding my heart from the start. When the call came in from the doctor’s office I was cheery and felt like I already knew what she would say. We were only a few days from Christmas and I wasn’t going to let anything alter my mood. 

Nurse: “Your test results are in.”
*long pause*
“And your levels look great! Congratulations!”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Nurse: “Your baby is growing just as it should!”

Immediately, I burst into tears. She asked me if I was okay, and I said no… I’m not okay. I thought for sure I was losing the baby again, are you positive I’m still pregnant? She said yes, she was positive. 

I had my first ultrasound a few weeks later, still cautiously optimistic, and there our rainbow baby was. Moving around on that little black screen with a strong heartbeat. We were both relieved and extremely elated.

Then the nausea come rolling in like a tidal wave, knocking me on my butt. The sickness was strong with this one, but I also saw it as a positive reminder that our baby was growing like a rockstar.

My morning sickness has subsided some, the kids are absolutely over the moon excited for another sibling, and we are taking this pregnancy day by day.

Life with five kids will be anything but calm and quiet, but we couldn’t be happier about the blessing that will join our family this summer. All of our kids are rooting for a girl, especially our one and only daughter, but my morning sickness is telling me it’s there’s boy on the way.

We won’t find out the gender again, for more on why we decide to wait you can read this article here.

So, I have to ask you… what do you think we’ll have?