I shared a similar post when I was pregnant with my 4th child, but now that I’m pregnant again… I thought it worthwhile to chat about this topic again.

As a veteran mom, there are some things on a baby registry that are totally worth every single penny and some things that should never go into your shopping cart…honestly, they shouldn’t even cross your mind.

When it comes to an actual nursery, as much as I’d love to design a gorgeous one, the truth is we don’t have the space. And even more honest, your child will grow out of a nursery in just a couple years. My oldest is 9 now and there is no way I could imagine him in the green and white stripes and floral tree I painted in his first nursery in Birmingham.

So let’s get to it. Here are the BEST and WORST items to include on your registry.


  1. Zipper or Magnetic Onesies: DO NOT PURCHASE SNAP OR BUTTON ONESIES. I repeat, DO NOT. They’re a pain in the arse, when baby is screaming and flailing during their diaper change. Or heaven forbid, the diaper change is in the middle of the night (you will have a ton of these). Spend the extra $ (or put it on your registry) for the onesies with magnets or zippers. You’ll thank me later.
  2. Diapers, Wipes, Bottles and Pacifiers: After 4 children, I’m a fan of Huggies Little Snugglers for diapers, especially when they are newborns / infants and their bums are so sensitive. For wipes I still use Water Wipes to this day. They aren’t cheap, but they are hands down my favorite. Bottles and pacifiers are essential, but much like with the diapers and wipes, you might have to try a few brands before you find the ones that work for you and baby.
  3. Car Seat and Stroller: this is another obvious one. We’ve always used the Chicco KeyFit 30 for the infant car seat. KeyFit 30 Caddy was my lifeline when baby was too little to go into a double stroller.
  4. Pack ‘n Play with bassinet: This is how all of my children slept the first few months of their lives. The ones that have a removable bassinet are great because baby grows out of a bassinet so quickly… with the two-in-one option, he or she can transition into the pack ‘n play if necessary or straight into a crib.
  5. Muslin Blankets and Sleep Sack – I love the Little Unicorn and Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I use these for burp clothes too. Trust me, when you leave the house you aren’t going to want to pack a suitcase with you. I learned to love the Halo Sleep Sack with my 4th baby. He lived in that thing.
  6. Baby Swing – I never really used a baby swing until my 4th baby. If you’re a mom of multiples, a baby swing can be a God send. Plop your baby down in the swing and care for the other children or cook a quick meal while your baby is secure and resting.
  7. Sound machine – all of my children have slept with a sound machine from day one. This sound machine from Amazon can be taken on the go too! I love this concept, because you will find yourself out and about, especially if you have older children during your baby’s nap time.
  8. Baby Carrier – I live by my Ergo Baby carrier. Live. My babies are carried in that thing for almost their first full year of life.
  9. Baby Bath: When purchasing a baby bath, my best advice is to buy one the baby can grow with. You’ll find they grow out of the infant bath in the blink of an eye, so it’s best to invest in a bath tub they can use until they are mobile.
  10. Baby Lounger – one of my friends from Kentucky loaned me hers years ago and I still haven’t given it back, you know who you are. The amazing thing about a lounger is you can swaddle baby up and plop them down anywhere you go. In the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, outside. It’s super soft and gives them great support.


  1. Expensive Diaper Bag: I had one, it was cute, it was bulky, it carried a lot of stuff… but it was a diaper bag. I think it was around $180. I justified it. After my son turned about 8 months old, I didn’t want to carry that thing around anymore because, well, it was a diaper bag. This one from Amazon has lasted me almost 3 years. I still use it if I’m on the go, and my laptop fits in there too. Make sure you buy a diaper bag that is gender neutral so your partner doesn’t feel awkward carrying it.
  2. Wipe Warmer: I promise your baby will not be scarred for life if they have to endure the coolness of a baby wipe without the blessed warmer.
  3. Diaper Genie: No offense Diaper Genie people, but there ain’t no way in hell I’m gonna have sh*t covered diapers sitting in my house longer than a minute. It only takes a few extra seconds to put diapers in the trash our in an outdoor recepticle.
  4. Bottle Warmer: Some people swear by this thing… but just like the warming of the wipes, what happens when baby is out and about doesn’t have his milk warmed up? You can’t be a prisoner to your own home, so do yourself and favor and get your baby comfortable with drinking room temperature or slightly cool milk.
  5. Diaper Caddy: It’s a nice thought. If you can keep a diaper caddy stocked, tidy and clean of extra crap, you deserve to be text buddies with Marie Kondo.
  6. Shopping Cart Cover: I respect the concept… but hauling that thing around is a pain. A blanket does the trick just fine.
  7. Receiving Blankets: Can someone please tell me the actual purpose of these things?
  8. Fancy Nursery: With my first, we painted the nursery green and white (we didn’t know the gender) we even put lamb wallpaper in it. We moved from Alabama shortly after Luke was born. He is 9 years old now, and I could not even imagine him in a lamb filled green and white room. Do yourself a favor… if you have the itch to paint, chose grey and accessorize the room accordingly. Don’t do anything permanent. These kids grow up so fast and their interests change just as quickly. Plus, your baby isn’t going to sleep any differently if they have pink elephants painted on the wall.
  9. Expensive Baby Clothes: Babies poop and spit up constantly. Don’t waste your $ on cute outfits. They probably aren’t comfortable for baby either.
  10. Shoes and mittens: Shoes fall off and mittens get lost. Instead dress baby in onesies so their feet are warm, and when they are really little the onesies typically have built in cloth to cover their hands.

What am I missing from my lists?!