Rating: 5 out of 5.

Light, creamy and fried to perfection. These Cream Cheese Wontons are very easy and a delectable appetizer or side dish. Or quite frankly, you can eat them as your main dish like I did last night.

Last night I didn’t have a ton of ingredients on hand, I really need to get some more groceries today. But I did have wonton wrappers I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, so I whipped up some cream cheese filling and voila!

The beauty of a wonton is you really can fill it with anything. I’ve seen chicken and pork recipes and of course, crab and other seafood recipes too.

I haven’t dipped my toe into imitation crabmeat yet… something about the word “imitation” when talking about food, makes my shoelaces tight. But I will attempt them one of these days.

I’m sure you already have these ingredients on hand, just snag some wonton wrappers and you’re ready to go! Enjoy this 10 minute dish and don’t forget to pair it with some spicy chili pepper sauce or sweet and sour. I watered down my red chili paste and dipped them in there and then some low sodium soy sauce. Absolutely…


*I used my Fry Daddy for this recipe, but you can fry them up any way you’d like. If you haven’t purchased a Fry Daddy yet, I really do recommend them!
*Double this recipe if serving for a crowd, the wontons will go fast!

Cream Cheese Wontons

PREP TIME: 10 minutes
COOK TIME: 5 minutes
  • 12 wonton wrappers, double the recipe if serving a crowd or your family
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • ½ teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 green onion diced
  • canola oil for frying
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, green onions and onion powder
  • Place a wonton wrapper on a flat surface and drop a teaspoon of the cream cheese filling into the center
  • Using your finger, wet the ends of the wrapper with water
  • Bring opposite corners together in the middle of the wonton and pinch, repeat with the other corners and pinch to form a package shape
  • Heat Fry Daddy (or frying device) with canola oil and fry 5 wontons at a time turning as needed until they are browned evenly
  • Set fried wontons on a plate with paper towel and let drain
  • Serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce, enjoy!