Eden, you are 8!

Dear Eden,

My beautiful only daughter, I can’t believe you are 8 years old today. You have a late birthday, so most of the kids in your grade have been 8 years old for quite awhile, but you are so mature for your age.

This year, you tackled the second grade with flying colors. You went back to public school after a year of homeschool and really excelled. You met so many new friends and accomplished great milestones. You are such a strong writer and placed higher than average for your age in writing. You love to write and want to be an author when you grow up. That’s exactly how I was, I hope you never lose your love of words.

You soared in ballet this year and landed a lead part in the Nutcracker performance as a baby mouse. You love ballet so much and are excited to enter your 6th season at the New Albany Ballet Company this fall. You will also do tap and hip hop this year, two other dances you’ve done before and are excited to get back into.

Along with ballet, you had fun during your 4th year of soccer and 1st year of swim team! Eden, I am so incredibly proud of you taking on swimming. You are not the strongest swimmer, but you go out there every single morning and try harder than you did the day before. You are improving greatly and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you during your Monday swim meets. I know you want to try diving next summer, another activity I know you will do great at.

You are such a confident child. The other day, Luke asked me what is one characteristic of each child I wish I had as a child. I told him I wish I had Adam’s loving qualities, Luke’s self motivation and your confidence. You legitimately don’t take any nonsense from anyone and have more guts at 8 years old than I did at 38 years old. You roll right into any situation with so much ease. During your parent / teacher conference your teacher told us she can tell you have a lot of brothers because you can talk to the boys just like the girls and you super confident. I’m so proud of you for that. Being a girl is hard, especially the older you get… I pray to God you never lose your faith in yourself.

Speaking of faith, we still call you “Evangelist Eden” because you love the Lord and talk about Jesus like he is a true member of our family. You joined a faith based extracurricular class this year called LifeWise Academy and you looked forward to it every day. I pray you always stay firm in your beliefs and unafraid to spread your love for Jesus.

I’m so excited to see what year 8 holds for you. 3rd grade, a new level in ballet, soccer, acting class, art class, vacations… oh! and a brand new baby sibling! I know you are praying hard for a sister, but if you happen to have 4 brothers you will remain the reigning princess in our family.

Eden, I love you with all my being. You are SO MUCH like me. My only child who looks like me, acts like me and has the same things in common. I hope that makes you proud and not embarrassed. I’m so so SO SO SO proud of you and the beautiful young lady you are becoming.

Happy 8th birthday, Eden Marie.

Love always,



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  1. Plz tell Eden I said, “Happy Birthday.” She has your beautiful smile… Hope all is well your way nay GOD bless you and your awesome family…
    BTW, you’re still a journalist and a very enjoyable story teller, to boot…


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