As you already know, I love a good foodie holiday — and today, November 3rd is no exception as we celebrate National Sandwich Day!

I’m heading down to join my friends at Good Day Columbus this morning and to prepare 3 very unique, almost weird, sandwiches.

Typically, the sandwich is simple… it’s made with bread, a spread, filling and garnish, but I’m slicing it up a little with a PB, Bacon and Banana Sandwich – Elvis might have popularized the PB and banana combination, but he’d certainly approve of adding bacon to the mix. It’s a sweet and savory mix of flavors that are complementary.

The second sandwich is an Apple Pie Sandwich– Start with cinnamon raisin bread, toasted. Spread mascarpone cheese on the bread and drizzle with honey. Top cinnamon sugar dust and thinly apples.

The third weird sandwich might be your entire daily calorie intake, the Donut Monte Cristo – A Monte Cristo sandwich is a ham and Swiss fried in a French toast batter. Use a donut sliced in half as the bread, and you have a sweet and savory delight.

Which one are you willing to try this National Sandwich Day??