Adam is 6!

SIX. Today, my sweet boy you turn 6 years old.

Adam, you are the kindest, sweetest, calmest child we have. You absolutely hate the spotlight… in fact, this is the first year you didn’t cry when we sang Happy Birthday to you. You prefer to be in the background and we’re okay with that too.

Adam, you accomplished some amazing things this year, like going to kindergarten! Honestly, I was worried about you getting on the bus all by yourself and going to a new school but you have absolutely blown me away with your courage and love for learning.

You love your class and teacher and bus drivers. We have our parent / teacher conference with your teacher later this month and I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing. You love to read and are learning to write. You like to write like your older sister… you take after your mommy in that regard.

You love playing sports with Luke, even though he can be really hard on your sometimes… you love playing make believe with your sister… but playing with Jude is your favorite. You’ve become very close to “Ju-Jay” during the last year. He follows you around and just adores everything about you. He calls you “Ad” and considers you the Todd to his Copper. (Fox and the Hound are currently on repeat in our house).

You know more about birds than most 6 year olds. You have 3 bird feeders and still set out peanuts every morning for “Jay”, a bluejay you are convinced is your pet.

This year you will play soccer again in the spring and hope to go to zoo camp again this summer. You loved zoo camp. You are the only child I know who’s seen every animal documentary on Disney+ — we went to Animal Kingdom last time we were at Disney…you loved that.

Adam, you are so special. When you grow up you want to be a lot of things…but mostly you want to be a “daddy.” I know you will be the very best one there ever was. You look up to your dad so much, it’s adorable.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ad-Rock. We love you deeply and can’t wait to celebrate with you again later this week at Disney!

Love, Mom


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