Hacks for the Perfect Picnic

Now that we are full blown into summer, there are some days when the kids come to me and tell me “I’m bored”. Rather than throwing a screen at them, I’m really trying to be intentional to help them cultivate their imaginations and to GET OUTSIDE!

I recently did a segment on planning the perfect picnic and I was excited to bring it to our local news at Good Day Columbus. Planning ahead is key, so here are a few of my favorite picnic tips!

  1. Blanket or bedsheet: Let’s start at the very beginning with the perfect place setting. While it may not be aesthetic, using a fitted twin bedsheet on a picnic table will keep the place setting from blowing away. You could also use a blanket on the ground, but I recommend using an old shower curtain or picking one up at the dollar store to go underneath so you don’t get wet!
  2. Make your own bug spray! Ants in particular hate the scent of peppermint. You can use essential oils mixed with a little water and spray your blanket or bedsheet in advance.
  3. Muffin Tins: I always pack a muffin tin on our picnics, not only are they a great space for carrying small chartucturie like items, they also double as a great cup holder on the uneasy ground.
  4. Cupcake liner: You can use a cupcake liner to place over your cup to keep flies at bay, if you don’t have a lid on your cup.
  5. Hotdog Hack: Did you know you can put hot dogs in a thermos and fill with boiling water to take to your picnic site? I saw this hack from a YouTuber and my mind was blown. If you don’t have access to a grill or don’t want to mess with it, using a thermos for your hot dogs is a great hack for the kids.
  6. Mason Jar Salads: Be sure to put the dressing at the bottom and fill with the most dense veggies first. Then as you layer you can put the leafy greens on top, that way they don’t get soggy and gross.
  7. Shower Caps: These are cheap and serve as a great cover for your plates, you can also purchase these off Amazon.
  8. French Baguette Sandwiches Wrapped in Parchment: I wish I would have thought of this sooner! With so many kids, it’s easier (and cheaper) to buy a large French Baguette for our sandwiches. Simply fill them as desired and wrap them in parchment paper with string, you can then cut them into sandwich sizes with paper attached. That way you will keep your sandwich clean if you’re eating on the go.
  9. Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: Don’t forget to pack these!
  10. Egg Cartons and Skewers: both serve great to keep your fruit fresh and easily accessable
  11. Frozen Grapes: These are a handy snack on hand and can also work great as ice cubes in wine.
  12. Checklist: When you’re finished with your picnic, write down a checklist of items and store it in your basket. That way it’s right there for you to see when the time comes to have another picnic.
  13. Trash Bag: Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to bring a trash bag for all your trash.

I hope this list was helpful! What is something I missed?


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