Ultimate Fall Prep Checklist

I love August, but there is something so magical about the “Ber” months…

September, October, November and December are just fantastic! I am a planner so creating thee ultimate fall checklist just makes sense! If you don’t sit down and hash it all out the “ber” months can slip right by and before you know it… it’s 2024, whew!

So what is the ultimate fall bucket list? This is ours… Let me know what I’m missing!

  1. Clean the gutters- hope my husband reads this!
  2. Buy firewood (if you have a wood burning fire place.
  3. Wash windows: put your kids to work on the ones they can get to safely.
  4. Have furnace checked: sooner rather than later!
  5. Put outdoor cushions away: maybe do this closer to November, depending on where you live.
  6. Wash comfy blankets: pull out the movie blankets and get ready to cozy up.
  7. clean out freezer
  8. Change out clothes in closets for a new season: working on this now and it takes FOREVER! But it will feel so great when it’s complete.
  9. Pull out the coffee pot and crockpot: crockpot recipes – especially during the school year FTW!
  10. Can vegetables: if you have a garden or access to fresh veggies.
  11. Make your own an ultimate fall bucket list (apple picking, haunted houses – etc)
  12. Start planning kid’s halloween costumes if they plan to trick or treat.
  13. Fall family pics: get them booked or decide if you will take them this season. Don’t forget to get everyone’s clothes ready!
  14. Clean out flower pots: and tidy flower beds.
  15. Start thinking and budgeting for holiday shopping: might sound nuts to hear this is August, but the holidays will be here before we know it!

What’s on your fall bucket list?


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