Here’s the deal, Thanksgiving cannot be a spur of the moment event. It takes hours of planning and preparing to get to get the turkey and rolls on the table on time. Luckily, this timeline will help guide you through the toughest part.

You can personalize this timetable for your family’s favorite dishes, but the steps are really similar.


  1. Make two grocery lists. One for non-perishable items you can buy 2 weeks out and one you will need closer to go time, like the turkey.
  2. Make Sweet Potato Casserole and Thanksgiving Dressing. You can cover and freeze these. You could even bake these at the same time on the same temperature on Turkey Day.
  3. Plan your Thanksgiving Day Table. Locate all the glassware and serving dishes, make sure to wash everything and have the table linens cleaned and ironed.
  4. Shop for those non-perishable items such as nuts, canned cranberry sauce, etc.


  1. Buy your Turkey. If it’s frozen, leave it in the fridge to thaw.
  2. Prepare Turkey Gravy and refrigerate.
  3. Make a big batch of a signature Thanksgiving cocktail – you can separate these into ziplock bags and freeze.
  4. Make Pumpkin and Apple Pies and freeze


  1. Move casseroles from freezer to fridge.
  2. Roast vegetable and refrigerate
  3. Move pies to fridge
  4. Make bread dough (if you’re doing that!)


  1. Prep green beans or any other fresh veggies you may be serving
  2. Start prepping the turkey by taking it out of the fridge (maybe start roasting it depending on what time you are serving)
  3. Set the table and arrange centerpieces
  4. Bake bread


  1. Set out appetizers, this is my favorite one.
  2. Turn on music and greet guests.
  3. Take the signature drink out of the freezer and crush it into pieces in a punch bowl. Garnish if desired.
  4. Take out pumpkin pie, dab moisture off of top, prepare and pipe whipped cream for the top.


  1. Allow turkey to set and rest before serving.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of turkey drippings to the gravy, and reheat over medium heat.
  3. Assemble salads and side dishes

Let me know if you found this timetable helpful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day Prep!