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5 Christmas Cocktails to Deck the Freakin’ Halls

During the holidays, I probably throw on an extra 5 or so pounds like the next person. Yes, I’m still working out religiously- but I am also letting myself indulge in the flavors of the season. Well, mostly holiday cocktails and cookies… So today, I wanted to serve up 5 of my favorite…


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Easy Overnight Christmas Ham

Every Christmas Morning, after the presents are unwrapped and the kids are occupied, I make a brunch built for a kingdom. We look forward to this Christmas morning breakfast/brunch all year long. It’s not complicated AT ALL. It’s just something we associate with the holidays, so I save my Christmas Morning Ham for…


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No-Bake Holiday Compost Cookies

For many of us, the holidays bring new opportunities to share our love with family and friends… and hopefully, rest, relaxation and enjoy some great food. This year, I plan to put something on the table that’s comforting and delicious, I think we could all use it after this year! I had the…


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Simple yet Satisfying Christmas Meals!

Ah, the holidays. A time for get togethers, events, and planning large meals for family and friends. If you’re like me, you rarely go to the grocery store this time of year unless it’s for a big holiday meal. In fact, my family ate Taco Bell twice last week because I didn’t want…


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Birthing Class & Joey from Friends

I’m sitting here at the computer tonight with a heating pad on my back. I only have five weeks left…so the lower back pain is in full swing. Honestly, I can’t believe my mind. Our little baby will be here so soon, and of course, we don’t have a nursery set up… we…


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The ‘Burbs, The Christmas House & Hard Drugs

Take a good look at this house. I’m not talking about the structure, I’m talking about the color… what comes to mind? I ask this, because Bud and Nance are extremely upset with the color of their new house. Nance says it looks like a “Christmas” house, and Bud’s words were a little…


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