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Radlands Do Destin

A week later… I think I am finally fully recovered from the trip of a century! Be it the pandemic or the cold Ohio winter, I was so excited to finally make it to the beach this spring break. And was genuinely depressed when we left… Hopping on the podcast with my good…


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Spring Break 2021, Families Gone Wild? (She’s Becoming Domestic Podcast)

Are you traveling anywhere for Spring Break this year?  Brad and I connected this week for a Spring Break Preview to Destin, 2021 episode.Thinking about it… since we haven’t traveled in quite awhile, it’s almost like “Families Gone Wild!” Just kidding. Regardless of if you’re traveling this spring or not, we are still…


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How are you handling quarantine?

Let’s start with what we don’t miss from life before quarantine. We don’t miss the constant running from here to there. We don’t miss dinners on the go. We don’t miss jam packed calendars and missing out on quality family time. Quarantine for my family, and Brad’s hasn’t really been that bad! We…


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From the snow….to the sand.

Luke is a well traveled young man. We left for Ohio on Monday morning. Luke’s first trip to Ohio was filled with family, friends and snow! He was a fantastic passenger on all the flights to and from Columbus. I was pretty nervous about flying with a 7 week old baby, but mom…


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Alright Isaac… you win

We were supposed to be on the road by now, cruising down to the white sandy beaches of Destin, Florida. But, Isaac has really jammed that whole thing up. Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to make landfall as a category 1 or 2 hurricane. To give you some kind of a reference point,…


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Kidnapped. All good things must come to an end

“Do you think we should take a picture of me and you so you can clog it?” Bud asked me as we left Destin. “I’m afraid people reading this have me pinned for an Archie Bunker crossed with a James Dean. But, once they see the picture, they’ll know I’m more like James…


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