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An early “retirement” in Savannah

Jeff has been living and working in Savannah, GA since October. We see him about once a month. Yes…it’s challenging. But, I am no martyr. I know every mom/dad/tween/teacher/rapper/Carrot Top has their own set of challenges. Ours is coming to an end very soon. My last day at LEX18 is April 5th…the kids and…


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10 People You Encounter When You Join the “Double Stroller Club”

1. The Sympathetic Bystander: who stands from afar watching you struggle to lift (and somewhat assemble) the extremely heavy double stroller you remind yourself was a great purchase. 2. The Jealous Parent: who places an infant car seat in the back of the shopping cart and sticks a toddler in the front seat. This person juggles…


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Why my kid is crying

I was recently introduced to the #whymykidiscrying hashtag on Instagram. And I’m hooked. Don’t get me wrong, I hate to see Luke cry…it breaks my heart. But, the reasons why he cries 90% of the time…completely crack me up. Here are some of my favorites:        


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The day #bud (almost) became the news

The day was doomed from the get-go. I left work and had a missed call from #bud. When I called him back he said, “Fine time for you to call me back now, I had to get the neighbor to help me!” The code pad for our gate is damaged from a hail…


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Who ya gonna call?!

Yes, it’s November. But, I want to go on record for making my kids dress up as Dr. Peter Venkman and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for Halloween. Eden was actually quite comfortable going as a puffy white man for the holiday. She was toasty warm and unable to move any of her…


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Adventures of Targeting with #bud

“Let’s have lunch together,” he said. “Let’s go to Target together after,” I said. Two statements I fear will never be uttered again. October 7, 2014, started out as any morning would. We needed groceries, our first choice is always Costco. Anytime #bud hears the word Costco his ears perk up. At the…


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