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5 Benefits of Rest and How to Accomplish It As a Busy Parent

5 benefits of rest and how to achieve it as a busy parent!


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Mom Guilt and A Messy Bouquet of Flowers

How mom guilt is REAL and most like a bouquet of messy flowers.


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The Many Advantages of Frozen Foods!

In celebration of Frozen Food Month, I had the chance to chat with the talented folks at Living Dayton about how keeping frozen staples in your freezer can make cooking and baking easier and more delicious! What makes frozen products so important and how can we use them in our recipes? Keeping the…


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Mom of 4: Daily Routine

Recently, I was asked what my daily routine looks like.  I figured this topic deserved a blog post and would take longer to answer than by putting it on an IG story slide. I’ve done public speaking engagements on managing my calendar before and juggling it all. Please note, this is not a…


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Wants vs. Needs in an Amazon World

The year is 1990. You’re still in school, be it elementary, middle or high school. Maybe you’re in your freshman year at college. There is a new pair of shoes you see your best friend wearing that you’re dying to have. You are influenced by her choice in brand, comfort, looks and color….


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How are you handling quarantine?

Let’s start with what we don’t miss from life before quarantine. We don’t miss the constant running from here to there. We don’t miss dinners on the go. We don’t miss jam packed calendars and missing out on quality family time. Quarantine for my family, and Brad’s hasn’t really been that bad! We…


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