Favorite Posts

Since I’m a writer by trade, I take great pride in carefully constructing my words into meaningful stories and articles. I’m honored that some major publications have chosen to publish a few of them.

How RSV Changed The Way I Parent is a story I shared about our youngest son, Adam and his battle with RSV. It is an honest account of a busy mother who had never even heard of the deadly virus until it was almost too late. We almost lost our son at just 6 weeks old. I share his story in hopes of saving others. He is also a proud graduate of Nationwide Children’s RSV Research Study where doctors are working feverishly to develop a vaccine against RSV. His story was shared by The Today Show, Pregnant Chicken, US World News, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and hundreds of local newspapers.

You can read my original story here:  How RSV Changed The Way I Parent

Will You Be My Mom-Friend? was a tongue and cheek article I wrote about the difficulty in finding a true mom friend. Scary Mommy picked up the article and it sort off took off from there as it was shared 1.5 million times and generated more than 100k new visitors to my blog.

You can read this hilarious account here: Will You Be My Mom-Friend?