I’m turning 35 years old this week. Some will say, shut it sister… you’re a young pup. Some will say, whoaaaaa…old balls. Some will say, I totally feel ya.

I’ve never really been one for my birthday, but this one is kind of hitting me in the jugular. Holy schnikes, I’m getting up there. Halfway to 70 years old. So, I wanted to put something in writing about this season of my life, mainly to have something to look back on when I reach 40, 45, and dare I say….70 years of age.

So I turned to my favorite person in the world (most days)…my husband. I asked him interview style to answer 15 random questions about me. Most are ridiculous. Some are funny. All are 100% accurate.

I encourage you to do something similar at some point during this season of your life. It didn’t take us longer than 5 minutes. Heck, you could even copy these exact questions if you’d like. That way you, too, can have something to look back on when you’re 70 and smile at how beautiful this messy life is.

(His answers are first, my thoughts are in bold italic.)

  1. If I could have one super power, what would it be?  8 hours of sleep. I know this isn’t a super power, but getting it would be! –Yeah, I would venture to say this would be a pretty kick ass super power.
  2. What is my favorite part of being a mother? Laughing with your children. -This one he didn’t even hesitate on, he answered it right away, and the answer was perfect. Absolutely, hands down, my favorite part of being a mother is the laughter and life my children give our home.
  3. What is one of my dreams? To write a book. I’ve never wavered on this since I was 8 years old. It’s always been my dream. One day…. one day…. I will write that book.
  4. What makes me feel overwhelmed? A cluttered and messy home. –100% true.
  5. What would be the hardest thing for me to give up? Your home. –I never thought of this as my answer, but he’s right. Giving up my home and this life we have built would be the hardest thing to say goodbye to. 
  6. If I could give money to charity which one would it be? The Humane Society. I love dogs, but I don’t think that would be my answer. Children’s Hospital and especially RSV research is what I’m most passionate about during this season of my life.  
  7. What’s my hobby? Writing. He paused a long time to think about this one because I don’t really have time for hobbies. Between juggling our home, laundry, cooking, working from home, and 3 kids…there isn’t a lot of time for hobbies. 
  8. Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would I want to have dinner with? Leonardo DiCaprio DUH. And let me just say, it’s not because I think he’s Titanic Hot, I just find him to be the most fascinating person in the world. 
  9. What is my favorite movie? The Departed- as it should be everyone’s. What about artist? Bob Dylan –Anyone who knows me knows this answer without skipping a beat. I love Bob Dylan, his writing, his music, his bizarre nature and misunderstood voice. 
  10. What is my favorite thing to eat? To drink?  Sushi and a nice bottle of wine. Heaven.
  11. Where do I want to retire? Savannah, and her oak lined streets we lived there for about 6 months a few years ago, and I fell madly in love. We will be back to stay longer next time.
  12. Am I on time or always late? Never on time, but also never really late. –again, 3 kids.
  13. What makes me happiest? Your family. Being a wife, mother, and loving every minute of it. -no comment needed!
  14. What is one random thing about me people might find interesting? You were a news anchor for 10 years. Honestly, I don’t miss a day of it. I miss my friends and the communities we lived in, especially Birmingham, but the job itself is H A R D. Much respect to all my newsies. 
  15. What is your word of advice to me? To remember that social media is 90% bullshit and real life is unfiltered. It can be both heartbreaking and triumphant. So decide what to be and go be it. –I love him. 

eden winter 2

Pickle juice covered shoes.

3-year old screaming she can no longer feel her legs.

4-year old hollering for help after knocking over a giant Christmas display.


Last week we were at the grocery just like we are every single week. Please don’t tell me about Amazon Prime Now or Kroger Click List. Dudes, I get it. I understand these grocery trips are my own fault because I do have ordering services available in our area. However, I like to pick out my own produce and my deli meat needs to be cut crazy thin. So, we shop. Honestly, we enjoy shopping unless we have a trip like Wednesday.

The biggest mistake I made here was taking them to Target first. I didn’t have food in the house, so we “brunched” at Target’s Starbucks. Cookies for breakfast resulted in 4 trips the restroom between the two of the potty-trained ones. You wanna know what hell on earth is like? Spend an hour in the Target bathroom.

My kids are guaranteed to be great at one stop. It’s when I push the limits to store #2, #3 or dare I say #4?! That’s when things turn dicey.

Stop #3.

Scene: spice aisle. Adam grabs a glass jar of Allspice off the shelf and throws it in the cart. It hits the sweet spot on the dill pickle jar, instantly shattering it. Glass goes all over my crazy thin sliced turkey, cheese, and grapes. Pickle juice soaks the mac and cheese boxes and floods the floor of the spice aisle. Luke runs to get help from the seafood man. “HEY! MY MOM SPILLED HER PICKLES DOWN HERE!” If you know my son, you know he has one octave.

We move on.

About 90 seconds later, Luke is looking back at the poor seafood man turned janitor as he starts mopping up pickle juice. Luke doesn’t see where he’s going and pushes the shopping cart straight into a giant saran-wrap and aluminum foil Christmas display. Boxes go everywhere. He runs back to the seafood man. “SIR! I KNOCKED OVER THE CHRISTMAS DISPLAY OVER THERE. I’M REALLY SORRY, GOTTA GO!”

We pick things up and move on.

Last aisle. Eden starts pulling on Luke’s hood preventing him to push the cart. I tell her to stop. She doesn’t.

We move on.

I ask Eden again to stop bothering her brother, this time there will be consequences. Immediately, Eden starts crying. Falls to the floor next to the ice machine. Screaming. “I CAN’T WALK! I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!” Mean mugs and daggers start shooting my direction.

I give up.

You see, this isn’t anything particularly unique or out of the ordinary from our everyday routines, but it really got me thinking on how to savor these moments of chaos. Savor sounds like a freaking joke when I’m in the moment, but when I retell the story to my husband or friends it’s hilarious.

Serious question, why is it so hard to appreciate the little things when we’re in the moment? Like all of you, I know this season of chaos is fleeting, yet it’s still so damn hard to appreciate it.

I used to be great at journaling. I was religious with writing, but then kids happened. Now when I have a moment of silence, I sit and stare at the wall like a damn loon. The last thing I feel like doing is using my brain.

In the New Year I want to hold myself more accountable with documenting days like “Wednesday” — because I do know they are fleeting. One day I’ll look back and consider myself a superhero. And honestly, my friends, that is what helps me push through today.

  • What about you? How do you document every day chaos? Do you journal, social media or tell friends about it?
  • Do you want to hold yourself more accountable? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!



Okay, we all search for the ultimate thing to give to our loved ones. And if you’re like me, you may even struggle to find something to “ask” for. My husband always wants gift ideas for me, and I never really know what to tell him.

This year, we are not going the traditional route of toys…rather practical gifts. For example, all three kids are getting new lounge chairs and a book shelf. Lucky them!

I’m not alone in this school of thought on purchasing more practical or “experience” type items. There’s just something really magical about purchasing something that will create more lasting memories.

Goldfish Swim School has put together a remarkable gift basket this holiday season. It’s such a great idea for that hard to buy for individual. Check out the list of Columbus-based goodies included:

  • $193 Family Credit at Goldfish Swim School
  • 2 Family Swim Passes at Goldfish Swim School 
  • Bundlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes 
  • 2 Kids Meals from Texas Roadhouse – Polaris 
  • 2 Child Admission Passes to ZipZone Outdoor Adventures Kids Park 
  • 1 Large One-Topping Pizza from Jets Pizza 
  • 1 Jar of Pure Peanut Butter from Crazy Richard’s 
  • 1 Preview Class at Gymboree Play & Music 
  • 1 Half Dozen Donuts from Duck Donuts 
  • 1- 5 oz cup from Menchie’s 
  • 2- 30 Minute Passes to Sky Zone 
  • 1 Child’s Nail Polish from Sweet & Sassy 
  • 1 Philly Sandwich from Charleys Philly Steaks 
  • 2 Ice Skate Rentals from The Chiller 
  • 1 Kids Meal from Matt The Miller’s Tavern 
  • 1 $50 Gift Certificate from Aaron Taylor Photography 
  • 3- Two Hour Play Passes to Recreations Outlet 
  • 2 Adult Admission Tickets to the Arnold SportsWorld Expo for Kids & Teens 
  • 1 Class at Barre3 in Powell 
  • 1 Attraction Pass to Magic Mountain Fun Center 
The basket is sold for $205 and the value is well over $500, and it can be purchased at Goldfish Swim School in Dublin or Westerville. But they won’t last…stop in to purchase yours today!

Dear Adam,

Congrats! You made it a full year with this insanely crazy family of five. In typical third child fashion, I am writing this letter to you two weeks after your first birthday.

You didn’t have a big birthday party. We spent November 4th in Disney World… I mean, what better way to celebrate?! You smashed a small cupcake. You listened to us sing to you. You watched you brother and sister blow out your candle. You got a new Donald Duck stuffed animal. You observed, the way you always do.

Adam, at one year old you are simply irresistible. You have a calm temperament. There isn’t much that upsets you. You are careful and delicate. You are stoic and are very selective with your smiles, and we love you for it.

You are crawling everywhere. You can stand, but lack the confidence to take your first steps. You love sitting at the table with your brother and sister. You adore them. They adore you. There has never been one ounce of jealousy since we brought you home a year ago, and that makes us both so happy.

You love graham crackers. You love chicken. You love bananas. You love carbs. Your hair is crazy blonde, and you have a golden tan to your soft skin. You are tall. You have chubby cheeks. You love to help unload the dishwasher. You enjoy putting things in boxes. You adore stuffed animals and cars.

Adam, I have to be completely honest with you. There was a time around your six-week mark when we genuinely did not know if you would make it to your first birthday. You fell very ill with RSV and had to be hospitalized for four days. You couldn’t open your eyes. Your lungs were filled with the virus. We were scared.

After day 2 at the hospital, you opened your bright brown eyes at us and our prayers for healing were answered. During those 4 days at the hospital, I grew closer to you than I ever could have imagined. It’s hard for me to remember how I felt for your older brother and sister when they were your age. But you are so special. You have expanded my heart to a capacity I did not know existed.

Adam, your sister loves to make you laugh. She growls at you and shakes her finger at you saying, “You’re a bad, bad baby.” She says it with a laugh, and you bust out laughing hysterically. You like to annoy her. You’re going to have a fun relationship.

Adam, your brother is your protector. He gets nervous when you cry or try to crawl down the stairs on your own. He won’t let you bathe alone because he’s afraid you could fall. He hugs you and wrestles with you, but never too hard. He’s excited for you to throw a ball with him, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with you now. He is going to be your best friend.

Adam, your mommy and daddy are obsessed with you. You laugh and smile and give us kisses. You rough house with your dad and you crawl to me for safety.

We spend a lot of time at home, the 5 of us. We cook almost every meal at home, we watch movies together, we play games, we listen to music, we go on walks. You are right there with us. Every second of every day.

Adam, thank you for showing us we still had more love to give. Thank you for expanding our hearts. Thank you for joining this loud family. Thank you for going with the flow. Thank you for teaching us how precious life is. Thank you for being you.



adam william



Fall is in the air. Pumpkin spice errrrrrythang, and the end of warmer temps. (Even though it’s still in the 80s here.)

I contemplated pulling the kids from swim lessons for the season, but realized quickly how silly that would be. It’s something they absolutely love and I would hate for them to lose what they’ve already learned. So, we continue to spend part of our Wednesday afternoons in the water.

One thing I want to mention here, it’s so cool to see how many parents feel the same we way do. The classes are still pretty full!

What about you? Do your kids take swim lessons? Are they seasonal or year around?

I’m also looking forward to future events at Goldfish Swim School. They are so great to work with.

Side note: Yesterday was just “one of those days”. I was tired, ran all day, and really was feeling it at the end of the day.

As I was bathing these two goldfish, Luke looks at me and goes: “Geez mom, you look terrible. You need to get some sleep tonight!” …………

gold fish kids