This weekend I went to Baby-Palooza, for work. I am starting a new franchise that will air every Monday on CBS42 called “Mommy-To-Be”. I’m going to be exploring every aspect of pregnancy. From weight gain, to maternity clothes, to fixing up the nursery. Baby-Palooza seemed like a logical choice for ideas and contacts.

IT. WAS. OVERWHELMING. 3-5,000 people. Mainly, hormonal women. All packed into one facility. I am so thankful I went, because we snagged a ton of great b-roll (video), MOS’s (man on the street, interviews), and I met some experts that I plan to contact again down the road. But, man, it was intense. It made me realize a few things. Keep in mind, these are just my opinions.


We may be in the minority, but we’ve decided NOT to learn the sex of our child. I realize now this may seem strange to some people. Every single person I spoke with at the baby-fest wants/needed to know if they were having a boy or a girl. Jeff and I have decided it’s going to make our delivery day that much more special by not knowing if a little boy or a little girl is in our future. Besides, do newborns really know if their nursery is complete when they come home from the hospital?


I don’t know why, but I feel very stressed about what is the proper age to professionally photograph our little baby. I am not cool with sharing ultrasounds. I mean, let’s be honest, babies look like aliens in the womb. I have decided Jeff and I will NOT do a maternity shoot. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable. Eyyye. But, I still wonder, what is the right age to hire a pro to photo our bundle of joy?? I don’t want to be in the pictures, because I’m pretty sure my belly will still be in an awkward position, ew. Here’s to hoping our child is as cool as the kid in the where’s Waldo hat.


I told Jeff the other day we need to create a name list. When our baby arrives, I think the right name will come to us. He laughed at me, but I’m afraid we will be set on a name, and when the baby pops out he/she will not look like a ________ (fill in name here).


I know this will change rapidly, and I may be as big as a house next week. No one at Baby-Palooza could tell I was pregnant. One of my dear co-workers told me I look like I just really need to use the restroom. (His words were a little more choice.) I suppose I should count my blessings now.

Can’t you tell I’m excited?


Someone at work asked me a couple weeks ago, “Are you even excited about being pregnant?” Of course I am!! I am very excited, in my own way. I’ve never really been a squealy person. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited. I was the same way about our wedding. We had a small wedding, 20 people, destination… it was the greatest day of my life (so far). But I didn’t feel the need to share that day with the world, because if you are truly happy…. and truly excited… people will be able to feel it, and see it, without hearing your words.


‘Nuff said.

Not Bud, but should be

 I just got off the phone with Bud. The convo was short and sweet.

 Bud: Hi there! How are you?
 Shanisty: Hi dad. I’m great, how are you?
 Bud: Listen, I don’t have time for chit chat. I just wanted to tell you to  get your clogging material together, because I’m going to kidnap you      down to the beach again in the next couple weeks. Cool?
 Shanisty: YESSSS!
 Bud: Okay, I just wanted to warn you this time. So, be prepared.

 Here’s to another grand adventure with Bud in the making.

 Meanwhile, let me know what you think about “Myerland Reports” makeover?!? You can click on the tabs above and learn more about each subject. Real life!

I went to work yesterday afternoon in a perfectly normal state of mind. Felt great, and was ready to get started on the Sunday show. I pulled up to the station, got out of the car and looked down at my feet. This is what I saw…

Not only are these shoes two different colors, but they are two completely different materials. Mind you, I didn’t dress in the dark, and I wasn’t half asleep…. there is only one explanation to this ridiculousness: Pregnancy Brain. Pregnesia. Brain Fog. Whatever on earth you want to call it. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. Jeff later sent me a picture of the other two lonely soled shoes that remained in our closet.

I was texting with my cousin, Natalie, today. She just couldn’t believe the mismatched shoes. I told her I even went to dinner like that last night! Long hair, don’t care. I was explaining to her that pregnancy is kind of tough, because I’ve been doing a lot of running, working out, and eating right. (Most of the time) I told her, it’s not a time to sit on the couch with bonbons. She asked me, “What are bonbons anyway? Do you eat them? Are they candy?” I googled bonbon and came up with this….

After a good laugh, we decided this pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell. Pregnant with Bonbons.

Jeff and I celebrated our one year anniversary on July 23rd. Time really does fly by, especially when you’ve had a year to remember.

There have been a ton of trials and tribulations in our first year of marriage…

  • First 6 months living in separate cities. Jeff in Montgomery, me in Birmingham. 
  • In February, I had a terrible car accident that left me with a severely broken pelvis and bound to a wheelchair for 4 months.
  • Shortly after my accident, Jeff left coaching soccer, moved to Birmingham, and started a completely different career path.
  • I’m able to walk again, but quickly break both of my heels and ankles. 
  • My parents sell their house in Ohio and build a new house in Birmingham. 
  • We find out we’re going to have a baby! 

We have laughed and loved each other through the entire journey, and it has made our relationship stronger.

Here’s to another year….the best is yet to come!

Take a good look at this house. I’m not talking about the structure, I’m talking about the color… what comes to mind? I ask this, because Bud and Nance are extremely upset with the color of their new house. Nance says it looks like a “Christmas” house, and Bud’s words were a little more choice.

The architects chose the color of the homes in their new neighborhood… and while they may have signed on the dotted line, they didn’t realize how it would truly look.

So, yesterday after church, Bud, Nance, and I drove over to the house to talk with their agent. Let me start out by saying, when I was a little girl and I knew Bud was about to get strong with someone… it would embarrass me, and I’d usually wait in the car. Now, I look forward to it… because honestly, it’s hilarious.

We enter the model home, where the agent is working. The agent looks at Bud with a smile, “Hi Bud!”

Bud returns the greeting. Then he begins, “Let me ask you something, have you taken a good look at that house?” The agent laughs and says, I know you’re unhappy with the color.

She continues, “Bud, sometimes you have to wait until the house is finished and the grass is in to see it. It may just take some time to get used to.”

“Ha. It’s going to take some hard drugs to get used to that!” Bud says. Of course, I laugh. He continues, “Either you change the color of the house or I’m not moving in. Simple as that. It’s already bad enough our neighbor’s house looks like the ‘Burbs. But, our house is starting to make that one look like the Taj Mahal.”

The agent agreed and promised to get the message across to the builder and architect. Within, one hour Nance received a call saying they will change the color.

That my friends, is the Bud Way of Business. Case closed.