Even Maggie Hides From Siri
Learning From Natalie
He’s had the iPhone for three months, but Bud still has a strong distaste for Siri. He says she is always in his business. I’m pretty sure he believes she is the one constantly “sniping” him. Here is a little video I captured with one of Bud’s first encounters with Siri. (The video might not come up if you’re reading this from an iPhone or iPad… jammy technology.)

Wrong saddlebags.
My saddlebags hurt. I did a lot of work on the computer today, and simply sat in my chair, Durango, way too long. It’s amazing how you use your pelvis daily, and when you can’t use it… you really appreciate how awesome it is! 

These are not mine.
Bud just called and asked if I “sniped” him earlier. We have iPhones, with Facetime, which is similar to Skype. Now, he thinks he’s always getting “sniped” from someone. I told him I didn’t snipe him, and then I told him my saddlebags hurt. He told me I need to sun my buns! Thanks for the tip, Bud. He’s the best. 
Since I can’t sun my buns right now, I think I’m just going to marinate on the couch instead.  

Simply The Best!
On a side note, I am really craving a cherry Popsicle. Maybe Jeff can bring me some when he comes up from Montgomery this weekend. Jeff? Jeff? Bueller?

Dogs are the best medicine
Welcome to our Animal House

Dogs have an impeccable sense of pain within their owners. When I came home from the hospital, my chocolate lab, Molly, stuck her snout behind my back and was attempting to lick my wounds where I had surgery. I suppose it’s okay to admit it, we are crazy dog people. I have two labs, Amelia and Molly. My parents have two, magpie hahahaha. I’m sorry, I just laughed out loud at my iPhone’s auto correct. Her name is Maggie, not magpie. The fourth lab is Olivia. Since my mom is in town helping me get around, so are the other two K9s. A true animal house, but they make me happy.

The hard life.

I am hoping to get out of the house again this week. I’m not going to lie, I am so excited to go to Target so I can cruise around on their turbo motorized wheelchairs. This is a must do!

Mom and I also might go see a movie, if I have enough energy. I am still very tired, and the pain is still there.. but the pain serves as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have survived that car accident.


Have you ever seen such a beaut? Talk about rolling in style. Take a good look at this bad boy. Padded seats, extended legs, flexible arm rests, fancy wheel locks… and the mega granddaddy of them all… a pouch for my goodies.

Just the other day, I asked my cousin, if she would look for a Fannie pack for me. Yes, that’s right, a Fannie pack. It’s annoying traveling around in the chair without a place to set essential items… i.e. cell phone, chap stick, sunglasses, Skittles, whatever tickles your fancy. But, now with my new and improved set of wheels, I can ride in style and sit longer than a few minutes on my broken pelvis. Sayonara Mr. Miyagi. Hello…… Durango!

If it wasn’t a rental, I would slap some bumper stickers on the rear. The ridiculous ones like, “My Child Is An Honor Student.” I’m so happy it is a rental though. Bud always says… nothing parties like a rental.

Sticker Family Pride

Oh snap! I just thought of something brilliant. Not sure how you feel about the white stick figure people car stickers… but now, my Durango is a proud sticker toting two wheel drive.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying the many amenities Durango has to offer.

On a side note, I slept through the night without waking up to take a pain pill. The morning hours are always the roughest, because my body is so stiff from laying in one position. The pain is still there, but, I’m happy to be making strides on the road to recovery.

Ladies Man

This is the post I’ve been waiting for. Your formal introduction to my father. Bud, aka Chubba, drove down to Birmingham yesterday in style… as always.

B.A. Cruisin’

First thing to know about Bud, he’s a car man. He buys and sells cars faster than you can say, Ratt Bastard. The RB always has a new toy. It should be noted, RB is a term of endearment, between my father and I… it comes from one of the greatest movies of all time “The Departed.”

Bud didn’t come down from Ohio while I was in the hospital, which is a good thing. If he saw me in pain, he probably would have picked up the nurse who stuck me with any shot, and thrown them out the window.

Bud broke me out of jail today. It was the first time I left the house in more than a week. We went for a nice cruise on a Saturday afternoon. We laughed and listened to some awesome tunes. Bud also has a massive appreciation for great music. He introduced me to many of the greats: Dylan, The Band, Petty, Mellencamp, Felice Brothers, Wilco, Ryan Bingham, Damien Rice… and more current artists and bands, as well. He always has something cooking in the car. Song of the day? Randy Newman’s “Birmingham”…fitting.