Amelia has sea legs

I want my sea legs back. Last week was spring break for many people here in Alabama. You couldn’t log onto Facebook or Twitter without seeing beautiful pictures, or hearing about the gorgeous beach weather. 

Our first trip

“Life’s A Beach” in our household. We are down in Destin or Gulf Shores during the spring, summer, and fall months. We were even married in Destin, last summer. Our dream is to one day buy a small beach house. A few blocks away from the water…. to cut down on the sand invading the living quarters.

Not beach attire

A typical day at the beach starts early for us. A nice walk or job along the coast. We usually pack a lunch and eat sandwiches and chips on the sand. But, I kick sand on the seagulls. Ratt Bastards.

Before I kicked sand

Laying on the beach, throwing the Frisbee, swimming in the emerald water… there isn’t really anything in the world I enjoy more than a day at the beach. 

Since Jeff started his new job, he will work Monday-Friday… and I will be working the weekends. We won’t have as much free time to head down to the coast, but I know my cousin, Natalie, and I will be packing up for the beach very soon! Jamming to Justin Bieber, tops down, picking up tricks and hoes… Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Did not see this at the beach (Thankfully)

Once I get my sea legs back, It’s On!

This is just getting ridiculous

I have taken on a new role as a pack mule. Clearly, I come in handy while shopping. 

I feared for my life today during our grand outing. During our last stop, mom almost wheeled me off the curb. I was sure it was over. Luckily, she caught her balance and guided me to safety. 

Pack Mule

 It’s really amazing how quickly you lose track of the days when you do the same thing, everyday. I have been keeping myself really busy, which is awesome… but I just have to stop and ask… wait, what day is it? … On a daily basis.

nice bone

Jeff built me this snazzy ramp this week so I can get in and out of the house on my own. The dogs have no idea what to make of the ramp, and seem to find a way around it. They would have never survived during the “drawbridge to the castle”, days. 

Look who learned how to pop a wheelie

The Hunger Games movie came out this weekend. Not going to lie, I read the books and am super jazzed to see the flick. Going to wait til the screaming tweens calm down a little and maybe catch a matinee soon. 

Still holding out hope for that red Popsicle. GO CATS!…and I’m pretty sure I pulled my groin popping that wheelie.

Happy Spring!
I lot has happened in Myerland. Jeff got a job in Birmingham! He has been busy fixing his townhouse to rent out… moving in, and getting ready to start his new job next week. We don’t want to think the accident brought him here, but it certainly expedited some things… and shed some light on our situation. We are so thrilled to finally be living under one roof like a real life family.
Moving in
Last Thursday, I went into CBS42 for a couple hours. It was so fabulous seeing everyone… I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been to work in a month. I told my friend, Ted, I didn’t want to be a freak show… but he assured me I couldn’t be anymore of a freak show than I already am. 
I also talked with my boss about getting back on the anchor desk. They are working on a way to get me there, since there are a tremendous amount of stairs leading to the studio and the set. Personally, I think it would be great if we started the show, as someone carefully set me down into the chair… as if I’m floating, but my ideas never fly. 
Hazmat suit for Mom
Jeff and I had a grand outing yesterday to Home Depot. He is building me some ramps so I can get in and out of the house on my own. Once he starts his job, I will be here alone, so it will be nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. As long as he leaves me some food out… I’ll be great! (Just like a pet)
Mom went back to Ohio. Dad called to inform me, she will need a Hazmat suit on to clean the house…particularly the bathroom.  I found this one at Home Depot, and don’t doubt that I didn’t buy it.

I was so excited to go to Target. Mainly, because I found myself jealous of the people who get to cruise around in their ultra cool motorized carts. With the broken pelvis and strict instructions not to walk… I finally sought my chance to join that club. 
Mom and I ventured out to Target Tuesday afternoon. We pulled up to the entrance and she went inside to get the scooter. I made it into the seat and learned the controls. It moved at a snails pace, but I figured that was normal. Once inside the store, I was moving so slow… an 80 + year old woman with a cane passed me. 
I decided to go down the clothes aisles, and look for some summer gear. And then I had to reverse. The BEEP BEEP BEEP echoed through the entire store, like a dump truck. So embarrassing… but that was nothing compared to what happened later. 
Mom went to buy some groceries and left me on my own. When she was finished, she tracked me down by the loud beeps. We decided it was time to leave, so we moved toward the checkout area… when it happened. My motorized cart putted to a slow death. 
The beeps got louder, and a green light started flashing for assistance. Humiliation. We turned the cart off and just started dying laughing. When we turned the contraption back on, it started to move… even slower than before. I decided this was my chance at a great escape. So, I kept driving, as she pulled all the items out of my basket. It died again when I approached the sliding glass doors. People were laughing as they passed by. Awesome. 
It’s Final Resting Place.
Finally, after several starts and stops… I made it to the fire lane and waited for mom to pick me up. 
Needless to say, I will be using my own wheels the next time I venture out. Epic Fail.

Ahhhh. March Madness. Those two words combined in a sentence makes my heart skip a beat. I explained my affection for college hoops, particularly in the month of March, to Jeff like so: 

Nice Cat.

You know those guys who are really hooked on video games? Have the head gear, and talk to people on the Internet…sit in dark rooms playing games for hours? Welp, that’s pretty much me from March 15th through the beginning of April. 

I will look like this.

I will spend the next several days on my couch. With my computer by my side. Two phones (no, I’m not a drug dealer… I just happen to have a work and a personal horn). Chatting to my friends on Gchat (you know who you are)… and watching hours upon hours of college hoops. 


The thrill of the games. No matter how the season played out, as long as they make it into the tourney… the sky is the limit! Almost every single game is jam packed full of excitement. 

Not to mention…. this very well might be my Alma mater, The Kentucky Wildcats’, year! I will be wearing my blue and white stripped socks for the next several weeks, just in case I just jinxed my team by writing this sentence. 

So, in case you are wondering, this is what I’ll be up to for the days that follow.. my the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry, had to throw a little Hunger Games ref in there.