Ahhhh. March Madness. Those two words combined in a sentence makes my heart skip a beat. I explained my affection for college hoops, particularly in the month of March, to Jeff like so: 

Nice Cat.

You know those guys who are really hooked on video games? Have the head gear, and talk to people on the Internet…sit in dark rooms playing games for hours? Welp, that’s pretty much me from March 15th through the beginning of April. 

I will look like this.

I will spend the next several days on my couch. With my computer by my side. Two phones (no, I’m not a drug dealer… I just happen to have a work and a personal horn). Chatting to my friends on Gchat (you know who you are)… and watching hours upon hours of college hoops. 


The thrill of the games. No matter how the season played out, as long as they make it into the tourney… the sky is the limit! Almost every single game is jam packed full of excitement. 

Not to mention…. this very well might be my Alma mater, The Kentucky Wildcats’, year! I will be wearing my blue and white stripped socks for the next several weeks, just in case I just jinxed my team by writing this sentence. 

So, in case you are wondering, this is what I’ll be up to for the days that follow.. my the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry, had to throw a little Hunger Games ref in there. 


Great news! I had my first doctor’s check up today at UAB. Mom and I were off to a bumpy start because I had no idea where the appointment was or who the appointment was with. Not to mention, we couldn’t figure out how to break down my wheelchair to fit it in the car. So, we found this gem when we got to the hospital…

I was so happy to see Dr. Lowe, my surgeon, at this appointment. We didn’t take any x-rays, which I was thrilled about… he just wanted to see how mobile I am and check on the stitches. He said I need to continue to do my leg lifts… I feel like an old person doing them. But then he handed me some great news, I can go back to work as soon as I can further ween myself off the pain meds! WOOT! 

So, it looks like you will see my mug on the tube by the end of the month. I plan to go back to anchoring the weekends, and then I hope to continue to do a lot of work from home.  

Soon To Be Reenacted, Alabama Style

Other happenings in Myerland… I had a lot of awesome visitors this past weekend. I’ve also decided I am going to put all these dogs staying at my house to good use. I plan to leash them up and let them pull me around the ‘hood, Alaskan Dog Sled style. This will happen this week. 


Delicious Cupcakes!

Under terrible circumstances, you realize how lucky and loved you are. I don’t even know where to begin with my gratitude for the outpouring of support, love, and prayers I’ve received from my family and friends. 

Thanks, Lisa!

My car accident was three weeks ago from tomorrow. We didn’t tell a lot of people what happened to me, at first, because we really didn’t know how bad my condition was. I thought, I was just fine. I think it was the adrenaline, and denial of how serious the accident was.

When I got to the hospital, Jeff and Natalie began texting and calling my close friends… my mom was busy emailing our family. The prayers started going out immediately. During my stay at St. Vincent’s and UAB Hospitals, I had several visitors. My co-workers aren’t just co-workers… they are my friends. My great friends. Flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, a gorgeous ceramic cross… all filled my, otherwise, dull hospital room. 
Some goodies

When I was released, the generosity didn’t end. Every single day since I’ve been home, I’ve opened a card or care package from a family member or friend. Had a visitor pop over for a quick chat or to bring me a meal. A text, call, email, or Facebook message from someone asking how I am and if there is anything they can do to help, always makes me smile. 

Am I going stir-crazy? Honestly, I’m not. Not yet. I’ve been writing a lot. I’m also starting to work from home. Just web stuff for now, but I’m so lucky CBS 42 is allowing me to do so.

Most importantly…my mom has been here every waking moment since I called her from the scene of the accident. I was terrified that morning when the first responders found me, unconscious in a ditch. She hopped a plane to Birmingham that morning. She has been a super hero through it all. Working from the house, running a trucking company, hundreds of miles away. There is nothing my mom can’t do. She can cook a gourmet meal, talk to a driver who’s stranded in severe weather, plant flowers on my front patio, and help me in and out of my wheelchair all at the same time. She never complains. She never shows weakness. I actually had my surgery on her birthday. One of the last things I said to her as the anesthesiologist pumped me with drugs was, “some birthday gift, huh?” She told me her birthday gift was a successful surgery and a strong recovery. A promise I plan to keep.

So, in the end, I want to thank YOU for being so wonderful. For taking time to check on me, even if it’s just reading this blog. I hope I never have to go through anything like this again, and I would never wish it upon anyone… but through it all, it’s so nice to know I’m loved, and that’s something I will never forget.

Even Maggie Hides From Siri
Learning From Natalie
He’s had the iPhone for three months, but Bud still has a strong distaste for Siri. He says she is always in his business. I’m pretty sure he believes she is the one constantly “sniping” him. Here is a little video I captured with one of Bud’s first encounters with Siri. (The video might not come up if you’re reading this from an iPhone or iPad… jammy technology.)

Wrong saddlebags.
My saddlebags hurt. I did a lot of work on the computer today, and simply sat in my chair, Durango, way too long. It’s amazing how you use your pelvis daily, and when you can’t use it… you really appreciate how awesome it is! 

These are not mine.
Bud just called and asked if I “sniped” him earlier. We have iPhones, with Facetime, which is similar to Skype. Now, he thinks he’s always getting “sniped” from someone. I told him I didn’t snipe him, and then I told him my saddlebags hurt. He told me I need to sun my buns! Thanks for the tip, Bud. He’s the best. 
Since I can’t sun my buns right now, I think I’m just going to marinate on the couch instead.  

Simply The Best!
On a side note, I am really craving a cherry Popsicle. Maybe Jeff can bring me some when he comes up from Montgomery this weekend. Jeff? Jeff? Bueller?