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5 Reasons Why Waiting to Find Out the Gender is Worth It!

Our family is getting ready to welcome baby #4 to the circus and for the fourth time we will be completely surprised by the gender when he or she makes their grand entrance in September. There are very mixed feelings (and some very strong opinions) about finding out the gender of the baby…


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10 Things We Shouldn’t Do While Pregnant but Do Anyway

My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat hot dogs. Admitting I have a hot dog problem is the first step, right? Okay, let’s take it a step further. My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat cold deli meat sandwiches, drink way too much…


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The People vs. Baby #4

People: “is this your second?”  Me: “no, it’s my 4th.” People: “huh? ohhhh. wow. uh…” Me: “don’t worry, my condition is not contagious.” Being pregnant with baby #4 has garnered some personal, awkward and downright hysterical questions and comments from “The People”. Here are some examples: Was this one planned? How old are your other children? Do…


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When are you due?

This week I had another routine doctor’s appointment. One I thought would result in an ultrasound and reveal a little more about our new baby. We aren’t finding out the gender so this appointment wasn’t a huge deal. I’ve written blog posts during all of my pregnancies pointing out the glaring differences from…


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Bump n’ Style: GIVEAWAY!

If you haven’t heard…I am pregnant with baby #3, 23 weeks along to be exact. I’ve been asked a lot if it was planned. Eh, are any pregnancies really planned?! Needless to say, we are excited and now that I’ve hit the halfway mark it’s starting to feel real. I’ve been wanting to write about…


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