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School Lunch Ideas for Hungry Kids (and Teens)

I have 4 boys and a daughter. Some may say all those boys are equivalent to a couple of teenagers. As they head back to school, I’m looking for some unique and healthy ways to fuel their bodies and minds. So what are some great school lunch hacks for those going to school?…


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Back to School Hacks for Parents

Heading back to school isn’t just an adjustment for our kids, it takes a toll on parents too. New routines, new schedules, new friends, new classrooms, new expectations… the checklist is endless. To soften the blow of the first day shock to your system, I’ve come up with a list of some of…


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Back to School 2020 Edition

I can’t believe August 1st is this weekend. This summer, in particular, has seemed to fly by. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of better days ahead and life returning back to “normal” — or maybe it’s the inability to enjoy the things we normally do during the summer like the swimming pool, beach vacations…


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Back To School with Kids on 45th

Luke goes back to school in two days, Eden will start kindergarten next week, and if I’m being honest… I’m a bit overwhelmed! I recently sat down and put all of our fall activities and school events in the calendar and it’s a lot! Not to mention, I only have two kids who…


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Back To School Shopping and our Favorite Brands

I always loved Back to School shopping as a child. I remember getting my school supply list in the mail. You know, pre-Internet days?! I would rush inside and ask my mom when we could go shopping. There was just always something so fresh about a new box of number 2 pencils and…


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