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Last show…. Now, off to have a baby!

Last night was my final newscast. The next time I anchor the news, I will be a mother. Yow. My due date is now 10 days away, and fingers crossed this little baby comes (somewhat) on time. I know that motherhood is going to keep me very busy, but I will miss my…


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Good news… bad news

This past weekend was so AWESOME! Back on the desk… it’s like home, sweet, home. I only anchored the two early shows this last weekend, and it’s a good thing I did… because I came home and passed out both nights by 9:30. I still don’t have all my energy back.  I am…


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Saturday is THE DAY!

Coming to a t.v. near you Saturday, MAY 12th, I’m baaaaaaaaack on-air! I will be co-anchoring the early newscasts on Saturday & Sunday… and then we will play it by ear for the following weekend.  One of our extremely talented photographers is putting together a story on my accident/rehabilitation for the news. I…


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April 27th… We will never forget

Where were you on April 27, 2011? If you don’t live in Alabama, you probably have no idea where you were. But, in the south, the memories are clear as day.  One year ago today, I was in Pell City covering a story on a woman who lost her life in a trailer…


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