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20 Minute Meal: Honey Soy Glazed Salmon

*updated 1/31/23* This meal is so quick. On the table in 20 minutes and absolutely perfect for those busy sports / activities weeknights. I made this dinner last night for our family before rushing my daughter off to ballet and my oldest off to golf. Everyone in our family ate it, even my…


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Rice Pilaf Recipe

I’ve used this same recipe as a side dish for a lot of different meals. It appeared in my Best Baked Brown Sugar Recipe last year and I promised to share the pilaf recipe and completely forgot. Oy. Sharing it now because it’s oh, so easy and scrumptious! Use this recipe to pair…


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The BEST Baked Chicken Ever

This was my top rated recipe for 2022. The very best baked chicken you will ever try… and bonus! My kids love it and other parents have told me the same about their kids too! So what exactly is the secret? I think it’s the combo of Italian season and brown sugar that…


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Healthy Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

I’m trying to go dairy-free. I know, seems like torture. But honestly, it’s easier than I thought! I’m breastfeeding Asa now and even though he doesn’t seem to have any dairy allergies, I have read a few articles about how dairy can affect a baby’s digestive system. So, I’m giving it a try!…


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Jed’s Chips, Corn and Cod

Every once in a blue moon my husband will step into the kitchen and take over dinner duties. I think he’d do it more often, but you know… work. Last night I was lucky enough to be surprised with his specialty dinner of cod, corn and potatoes. Or as he calls them, “chips”….


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Chicken Salad – Fancy Nancy Copycat

There is an absolutely delicious chicken salad establishment called Chicken Salad Chick. There are several locations in the Midwest and South and one just opened up about 3 miles from our house and I’m here for it. As much as I love chicken salad, I don’t particularly love it when it’s super mayonnaisey……


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