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Goodbye Amelia – I Will Forever Love You

I’m trying really hard to fight back the tears. It’s still so raw, and I’m not even sure if I’m ready to talk about it, but perhaps this will help with the healing process. A couple of weeks ago, we put down my dog Amelia. Amelia led an extraordinary life, to say the…


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Mommy is mean…so I threw a tantrum

I mean. Are the “terrible 2’s” just a metaphor, or do the temper tantrums really get worse by age 2? Luke is 13 months old…and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy does he have a temper. Thanks, Myers genes. The more tired he is, the more intense they are. I know he’s just trying to communicate….


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A Day in the Life of Luke

One Bumbo sits alone. Oh, hey Maggie. I’ll throw the frisbee for you, if you bail me out of this ridiculous chair.  Fine. It appears we agree to disagree on this matter. No deal. Hey, there’s Amelia! She’s funny cause she looks like a lamb.     Thank goodness you made it, Molly. You’re…


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